Hinoki Japanese Pantry

This place has a lot of Japanese goods and they have some fresh sushi. Located on Smith st, Fitzroy, this place is a must for all foodies. Here they sell all sorts of Japanese groceries and alcohol. Everything is from Japan. And its a wide variety of stuff. I have tried their miso soup andContinue reading “Hinoki Japanese Pantry”


Week 9 of the Priceline challenge

This week I discovered that I have lost 1.4 kgs. I now am at 50.6kgs which is great and 23.9% of fat.  I think I may have lost muscle or water. But my sleep is a little bit better even though I only have 47%. My nutrition is 63% and my health is 92%. MyContinue reading “Week 9 of the Priceline challenge”

Week 23 of triathlon training

This week done about 83km on the bike which is not bad. But on Tuesday’s first hour on the bike I was really hungry and struggled to keep up. I had done a HITT session before and had forgotten to eat some proper food. Proper food didn’t come until after the first hour of class.Continue reading “Week 23 of triathlon training”

Triathlon training week 22

This week I went a little bit backwards on the bike. I got 20.5km done and a five km run. St Kilda road was pretty busy and very hectic at 3pm on a Tuesday. Resistance training was just fine. I’m trying this new diet where I have more vegetables and fewer calories. I hope thisContinue reading “Triathlon training week 22”

Week 8 of the Priceline Health tracker

This week is all about time management and planning. I know I have to exercise every day and I do that a lot. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week as part of triathlon training. I don’t have a log as such but I do use myfitnesspal. When things don’t go my way IContinue reading “Week 8 of the Priceline Health tracker”

Running for Run Melbourne and why we need your help

This year we are running for Run Melbourne with the Salvation Army and we really need your help. Every year about a hundred or so people are homeless on Melbourne’s streets. The Salvation Army supports Melbourne’s homeless who are doing it tough. Last year alone there were 247 homeless people in the city. Walking aroundContinue reading “Running for Run Melbourne and why we need your help”

Alcohol and the effects of your flights

Many people love to drink before they get on the plane and many of them get really drunk. This is what the airlines refer to as unruly passengers.  And then their drunken outbursts often gets reported on the news. So here’s how long it takes for alcohol to digest in the body for a healthyContinue reading “Alcohol and the effects of your flights”

Goodnessme box

Goodnessme is a company which ships boxes full of surprise goodies every month. I have decided to sign up for Goodnessme box because I love trying new things all the time. Here they are a monthly subscription for $25 each. You can quit after one month but I decided to stick around for a littleContinue reading “Goodnessme box”

Week 7 of the Priceline health tracker

I am now 51.2kgs which is not bad but I have 24.2% of body fat which I might want to try and get rid of. It could be that I’m not eating enough fibre. I have a station score of 9.6 out of 10 which is great. Three up from the last time. I stillContinue reading “Week 7 of the Priceline health tracker”

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