Hinoki Japanese Pantry

This place has a lot of Japanese goods and they have some fresh sushi. Located on Smith st, Fitzroy, this place is a must for all foodies.

Here they sell all sorts of Japanese groceries and alcohol. Everything is from Japan. And its a wide variety of stuff. I have tried their miso soup and enjoy it.

As for their sushi you order at the bar and then you pay at the grocery counter.

The last time I was there I tried their inari and nigiri pack which is packed with all the goodness that a runner needs. A female runner needs calcium for bones, protein for muscles and lots of good fats for hormones and her regular monthlies.

I also love the fact that they have drinks here. Whilst there I tried a ramune. A ramune is a Japanese lemonade which is not as sweet or as carbonated as other soft drinks.

I really enjoyed trying their wasabi as it was quite hot. In the Japanese roulette they always have one piece filled with lots of wasabi.

Do come by this Japanese grocer whenver you are in Melbourne. Oh and feel free to explore Smith st whilst you are at it. They are only a short distance away from the city by foot. You can easily run the 3km there.

Week 9 of the Priceline challenge

This week I discovered that I have lost 1.4 kgs. I now am at 50.6kgs which is great and 23.9% of fat.  I think I may have lost muscle or water.


But my sleep is a little bit better even though I only have 47%. My nutrition is 63% and my health is 92%. My emotional stress is 47%.

This week I have kept up my vegetarian meals and have controlled my portions. Did a lot more exercise including having a P/T session at the gym. This has helped me to reduce stress levels and therefore I have had better sleep.

When I am down I go and exercise or watch a Youtube video rather than binge or emotional eating. Emotional eating makes me gain more weight and I did that in the past in 2014 when I was studying at uni. I also had bad sleep then. I didn’t drink enough water then.

What are your most common stressors? For me that is not having enough time in a day to do whatever I want, not enough money and not enough clients. My study is my most peaceful place along with the gym. The gym can be the best place to go and hang out with my friends who support my fitness journey.

Week 23 of triathlon training

This week done about 83km on the bike which is not bad. But on Tuesday’s first hour on the bike I was really hungry and struggled to keep up. I had done a HITT session before and had forgotten to eat some proper food. Proper food didn’t come until after the first hour of class.

Wednesday and Friday were just fine. I enjoyed both my rides and runs.

On Sunday I ran 21km and the run took me past MCG, Swan st, Church st, Chapel st, St Kilda road, Fitzroy st, Point Ormond and back. I didn’t walk the day before due to the wet weather so I was a little bit sluggish to start off with and most of the morning was walking.

But come the afternoon and I was just fine. In fact I did most of the kms in the afternoon. But there were some sections where I had to walk due to the Grand Prix taking place. Fitzroy St was one such place where I had to walk as most of the 96 route was replaced by buses and it confused some people.

And yes it was the Grand Prix so naturally, St Kilda Road was really busy.

Lunch was this time at Wilson and Market. I was going to go for Lentils again but I wanted something different. Plus I had promised to visit them and never got around to it. Here they use seasonal vegetables to make some of the best dishes in the house.

Triathlon training week 22

This week I went a little bit backwards on the bike. I got 20.5km done and a five km run. St Kilda road was pretty busy and very hectic at 3pm on a Tuesday. Resistance training was just fine.

I’m trying this new diet where I have more vegetables and fewer calories. I hope this works as during the holidays I put on a bit of weight.

And then Wednesday I seemed to have burned 395 calories on the bike by riding 21km and then I did a little bit of HIIT

Peter’s class on Thursday was really well. I burnt 402 calories and rode 21.5 km. Friday I did a run and I felt pretty good about it afterwards.

Then on Sunday it was very windy at Point Ormond. Sand was thrown everywhere and I had sand all over my feet and seawater on my hair. As a result I washed up at the gym.

It was going to be a usual 21km race but the wind really cutt me off by 2km. It started at Flinders st and ended there, but I had to take a tram just to get out of that wind. Oh and I was slowed by the crowds coming out of the Run for the Kids event at the start as everyone had just finished.

Lunch was at Lentils as per usual.

Week 8 of the Priceline Health tracker

This week is all about time management and planning. I know I have to exercise every day and I do that a lot. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week as part of triathlon training. I don’t have a log as such but I do use myfitnesspal.


When things don’t go my way I usually think about another way to do it.

As I live with flatmates who love different things I cannot always plan meals. But I can plan lunch, breakfasts and snacks. I know which days I am going out for tea. My days would be Wednesday and sometimes Friday. The menu for the meals is online so I would check it out before going.

As for eating mindfully, this would be something that I need to do more of. A food review on something that I ate would be on my other blog. And I have many.

Time management is a must in our daily lives. Most people use a planner. I don’t have a planner but I know what things need to be done most days. Procrastination is something that many people have to deal with their busy lives. Prioritising is something that we learned. We need to do one task at a time and do the important ones first. What I can give less time to is Youtube. Youtube robs us of time that I can spend on other things.

Running for Run Melbourne and why we need your help

This year we are running for Run Melbourne with the Salvation Army and we really need your help. Every year about a hundred or so people are homeless on Melbourne’s streets.


The Salvation Army supports Melbourne’s homeless who are doing it tough. Last year alone there were 247 homeless people in the city. Walking around Flinders st I have seen many people do it tough.

We are running 21km this July.

During winter the homeless are cold and vulnerable. They also are hungry for food.

The Hamodava cafe is a nice place to be at and is the safe spot for those that need it the most.

How your donations will help

  • $10 will get them a meal from one of Melbourne’s cheap restaurants
  • $15 will get them a MYKI and travel for the day for their various appointments
  • $20 can buy someone some much-needed medication
  • $30 can buy someone some clothes from one of the Salvos stores or clothes from KMART and Big W
  • $90 will get them a bed for the night in a hostel
  • $150 will get a family some food from Woolies for about two weeks
  • $400 will help pay rent in a single house for a single person.

Please donate now to help the homeless find their feet.

Alcohol and the effects of your flights

Many people love to drink before they get on the plane and many of them get really drunk. This is what the airlines refer to as unruly passengers.  And then their drunken outbursts often gets reported on the news.


So here’s how long it takes for alcohol to digest in the body for a healthy person like myself.

A stubby of VB takes me about two hours to digest and settle.

A glass of red takes about an hour

A glass of white takes about half an hour

A bottle of beer takes about an hour and a half to digest.

If you are drunk you may be violent or be aggressive. And its a safety threat to other passengers and the crew members. Drunk people do not talk well and they cannot be aware of surroundings. And people will record you on their cellphones and they will upload it to Youtube.

If you are drunk you will not be allowed to board your flight and must wait for the next one.

So what could you do to avoid being drunk.

  • Only restrict yourself to one glass/bottle of drink and leave it at that
  • If you are going to have a drink, have some food with it. Don’t drink on an empty stomach
  • Drink an extra liter or two of water before going to the airport.
  • If you’re going to be drinking in First and business class you should avoid having some early pre-drinks at the Business bar
  • If you are in First and Business class for your welcoming drink you could just have juice or water.

Goodnessme box

Goodnessme is a company which ships boxes full of surprise goodies every month.

I have decided to sign up for Goodnessme box because I love trying new things all the time. Here they are a monthly subscription for $25 each. You can quit after one month but I decided to stick around for a little while. And they post their boxes out on Instagram so you know what you are getting

They ship on the 1st week and on the 18th of the month depending on when you signed up. Signing up is easy. All you do is jump onto their website and fill in a few details. You can even put your PO box or Parcel locker in there. In some stores, you cannot do this.

I got my parcel just in time. In there, there are about 8-10 items of stuff to last the month. Most of them are runner’s nutrition. Here I got a tea, a bliss ball, protein bar, skin stuff, lip gloss, protein powder etc.

This month’s theme was Lorna Jane. I love Lorna Jane as the brand is all about sports.

I enjoy trying new things all the time and I love trying the Bounce ball. The Bounce ball was awesome but it was a little bit on the sweet side. I also liked the Morlife goji berries but the chocolate melted pretty quickly on a hot day. Luckily though in Melbourne we have not been having too much warm weather.

The Happy way protein filled me up just fine and I got three servings instead of two out of this.

The Burt’s bee’s lipgloss was sooo good in keeping my lips moist. There was a hydration and latte thing in there but I had not had a lot of time to try these.

Stay tuned for the next box.

Week 7 of the Priceline health tracker

I am now 51.2kgs which is not bad but I have 24.2% of body fat which I might want to try and get rid of. It could be that I’m not eating enough fibre.

I have a station score of 9.6 out of 10 which is great. Three up from the last time. I still have 63% in the nutrition range.

The blood pressure is down now that I’m not so stressed about assignments. But I have 47% in the emotional range. That is bad.


This week we learnt all about diet and myths. It is ok to have that treat once in a while. And it is not a good idea to cut out certain food groups.  The diet and supplement industry is huge at the moment. People are online searching for things like weight loss pills, diets, etc and we should not. We should be enjoying whole foods with a few treats in between.

The only diet that I like are the Herbalife type ones. You don’t have to sell anything but the idea is that it does not cut out certain food groups. And I can’t survive on having too little calories.

Triathlon training week 21

Boy time flies when you are having too much fun. And fun I had when I rode 34km in the hour and a half and burnt 633 calories during that hour.


My running has had a bit of ups and downs this week with a bit of walking. I rode 22km and 402 calories the next day and it was International Women’s day. I ate a lot then and felt a bit bad about it. I had a new teacher that day and he was amazing. He taught lots of really hard stuff!

International women’s day is all about celebrating our successes. My success is running a long race. But so far no donations yet even though someone bought a book off me.

Friday’s bike ride was 20km and as per usual I had been drinking. But I had been drinking a really strong beer and I was a little bit drunk for an hour or two. But in the end I sobered up to go home.

On Sunday I ran 21kms. I did most of it in the afternoon and I felt good. I went from Flinders st, Collins st, Brunswick st (note I had to take a tram because someone was acting like a drunken idiot), St Kilda road, St Kilda, Kerferd st and back.

Lunch was at Lentils and because it was vegan day I went to the Cruelty shop on Brunswick st. Note there were a lot more people than usual. I sampled some vegan chicken and stuff and then bought chickpea snacks

Oh yes it was Moomba which means more people than usual in the city.  It meant walking slow until St Vincents because of all that traffic. And then coming back it meant walking slow from the arts centre to the gym.

I rewatched the Marathon cheating videos just to be reminded about it.