Triathon training week 18

This week was a little bit more relaxed for me. On Tuesday I rode 21.4 km for 55 mins. And then Wednesday there was no ride but a run down to St Kilda. It was about 7-8km of a hard run. It was in the after work crowd so of course there was a bit of stopping.


Then Thursday and Friday I rode 22km and 20km respectively within that hour. I am slowly building up the speed in my legs which is great.

This week was a little bit cooler and I was at a conference for most of the week hence I was able to work on the nutrition. Here I was able to have more water but as a result of being invited to restaurants, I drank a little bit more alcohol.

I watched the Run for Hope race and it was all fine. Had a hotdog whilst there.


Sunday’s long run of 20km started out rusty but in the end, it was just fine.  The run started at Flinders st and ended up in Southbank. Here we went onto St Kilda Road, St Kilda, Port Melbourne and back. At 12 pm I was hungry but then I just ran and ran. I tried a Minozone water at 7-11 and it wasn’t too sweet even though it had 18g of sugar. Lunch was at Lentils.

In the end though I was tired from all that running and I sweated a bit.

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