Priceline health tracker week 4

I have gotten 80% in the lifestyle score. I have put on some weight but that is due to hormonal changes. I now currently sit at 51kgs and with a BMI of 19.1. My heart age is 21 years and I am now 33 years old. My station score is 9.4 meaning that I am in good health. My body fat is now 23.2% which is just right for me. My sleep is still at 47% but that’s because I had a few humid nights last week.


This week’s program is all about breakfast and portioning. I always have breakfast everyday and every day it seems to be either bread, cereal, oats or muesli. Occasionally I will have an egg or two. In order to maintain a healthy weight, one must eat breakfast always.

My portions are always small as I eat at home most of the time. I have about 8 to 12 small meals a day as I am training hard.

Then we started to learn about the importance of sleep and stress. Too little sleep and it equals to more stress and anxiety. Too much sleep and it causes disturbances.

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