National diabetes week and what I ate that week

National Diabetes week is on from the 12th of February to the 18th of Feb. This week is in recognition of people living with Diabetes.

Living with Diabetes is no fun as you cannot have any refined sugars. This week suited me perfectly as I am quitting sugar for Febfast.

Many places sell cakes and other sweet things which do not have stevia in them, but refined sugar.

I was at a conference all this week so I tried to stay away from anything sugary or sweet. Instead, I had either savory food or went to Shape up as their shakes are diabetes-friendly (they use stevia instead of sugar)! But everything else had sugar in them so it was no fun watching everyone else eat sugar. And avoiding everything.

Shrove day was on Tuesday and instead of having the usual sugary pancakes at Pancake parlor, I went for plain and had it with bacon and sauteed mushroom.

On Thursday I went for my breakfast burrito at a place called Invita at the market. Here they have no sauces and cater for those that have diabetes. At the launch of a new restaurant and bar, I went for things without sauce. Like the hotdogs where you can add the sauce. I didn’t add any in mine.

On Friday I did not eat anything fried. Instead, I had pasta and that’s it.

And Saturday I had a homemade dessert which did not have a lot of processed sugars.

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