Week 17 of the triathlon

This Tuesday rode 34km in one hour and half and burnt 607 calories. My speed was somewhere between 20-31km per hour. My heart rate is somewhere between 100-172 in the time that I do the ride, but then afterwards it stays that way for about an hour and half. But by Friday it was much better. It went down to 70rpm.


At North Melbourne I played with the blue bikes for a while whilst waiting for the train. I reckon I need to work on the balance. I sometimes lose my balance.

On Friday I rode 21.1km within 55mins and Wednesday I rode 22km. Friday’s ride was a bit slow as I was pretty tired. But my run on Friday was 8km and it was ok. Had sore legs afterwards. Wednesday’s stretching was fine.

Need to work on the nutrition side of things as I am always hungry and tired. I can’t work out how to sleep well in the humidity and I am a heavy sweater. Therefore I need to work out the water for the summer.

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