The big SLF

We go here every year and every year it’s at the same place in Birrang Marr. So this year we’d thought it would be more appropriate to have drinks there.

The big SLF aims to educate people about healthy and sustainable living and that is what we do here. It is over three days and there are three days of workshops and healthy eating to be had. And of course, there were prizes to be won.

On Friday that we went it was not busy. It was very quiet. Here they have a bar which is run by Bright Brewery. The beer is amazing and like other festivals, they have their reusable cups. The Kombucha cart had their reusable cup system too and if you bring yours back they will give you a dollar.

The beer went well with Wokking¬†Amazing’s Peking duck. It was $13 per plate but they have big serves. And of course, the duck is vegan. You order and you pay and then they will give you a number. And you wait five to ten minutes for your meal to be freshly cooked.

The zebra dream ice cream is great. Here these ice creams have natural sugar in them which is good for Febfast. Here I had the choc mint and it was very minty. But very expensive at $5 a pop.

Do come to this amazing festival next year and you can learn a lot

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