Week 2 of Priceline challenge

Did not sleep very well on Sunday night due to humidity.  As a result, when I weighed in on Monday I got 47% for sleep. That does mean that I don’t get a good night’s sleep all the time. Got up this morning and had PMS and had my period. As a result, the nutrition stayed the same at 60%.


I also got 33% for both my cholesterol and sugar. I have been eating more fish, oils, eggs etc. My body fat has gone down by 3%. This is talked about in the fat vs muscle loss. Fat is much lighter than muscle. You need muscle to perform your daily duties well.  I plan to decrease the sugar

And then Monday night I did not sleep well either. I got about two to three hours of sleep, all due to feeling cold and hungry from my period. Then on Tuesday and Wednesday, I slept really well due to lots of exercise and food. Thursday night slept alright but woke up due to having to go to the bathroom.

This week was talking about meal plans and kilojoule intake (calories). I generally don’t like to write a meal plan as I share the house with people. But for lunches in the city, I generally enjoy my shakes. For snacks, I have dried apricots, nuts, fruits and other things. Am cutting out sweets because of Febfast.

I always eat every 2-4 hours and lots of snacks as I exercise a lot. I eat about two serves of grains, 2-3 serves of dairy, some fruit, and veg. And not enough oily things. I eat just enough meat and not enough seafood. I monitor these in myfitnesspal.


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