Working with brands: how should bloggers approach a brand?

I remembered reading about this blogger and their relationship with a hotel in Dublin on Facebook after it went viral. We won’t say the name in fear of exposing her. It basically was about the blogger asking for a week free stay for her and her boyfriend in exchange for a write-up. The hotel said no and they basically went on to say that they need to pay for their staff,  meals, rent etc. This blogger felt disgusted and she ranted for 17 mins about it. And then the hotel wrote back banning all the bloggers.

Bloggers were a bit divided by the response given. Yes, she is giving the hotel more customers by writing about it but who will pay for their staff and the rent for the whole week? In Australia and elsewhere we all have to pay rent for our place to live so why would this be any different? In a hotel, you are staying there and living there temporarily.

Bloggers should research the brand that they want to work with and make sure they are in line with the blogger’s values. And businesses should do the same and then you work out a compromise.

What irks me is the fact that some bloggers would ask for everything to be free when others would wait for invites. And they don’t even like the brand but they have to write that this so and so item is great and it’s in line their philosophy when it’s clearly not.

And then some bloggers don’t even acknowledge when they get a free meal or an invite on top of their post. This is misleading as people thought that they actually paid for it.

Most of the bloggers don’t understand that most businesses don’t have a lot of money for marketing. I know from people that work in their own business.

All in all I am happy to write up about a product or a place that fits in line with the blog’s goals. And that is to live a healthier lifestyle and get rid of obesity. And I would love for the brand to come to me at

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