Happy hour at the People’s ride

Note: This isn’t our usual happy hour at the bar, but rather in the sun.

This ride is a part of the Cadel Evan’s series which goes over summer. Here the male riders rode for 22 laps of about 5km each around Albert Park┬áLake and the roads are closed off for cars. Many of them rode as a part of a team. The ladies rode only 12 laps.

It was free for all the people to watch and there I patted some cute dogs. I had a lot of fun cheering people on as they went past.

There were freebies and prizes to be won and there was the bar. At the bar, there were long lines of people.

This years theme was European and as such there was Greek, Spanish, coffee, an ice cream van and German sausages. The sausages were $9-$10 each and they were small. As our promise to our readers, I had to go without and instead went for just chips (which was $5) and beer. There wasn’t much in terms of vegetarian offerings.

My can of Carlton Draught was $7 and it was ok with the chips. I had to line up for those at the Greek van. You pay and then you wait for a while. If there was Greek beer offered at the bar I’d happily order it. With chips at a Greek van, you’d want feta cheese and oregano on top.

Do come by to next years one and support your fellow riders.

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