Triathon training week 18

This week was a little bit more relaxed for me. On Tuesday I rode 21.4 km for 55 mins. And then Wednesday there was no ride but a run down to St Kilda. It was about 7-8km of a hard run. It was in the after work crowd so of course there was a bitContinue reading “Triathon training week 18”


National diabetes week and what I ate that week

National Diabetes week is on from the 12th of February to the 18th of Feb. This week is in recognition of people living with Diabetes. Living with Diabetes is no fun as you cannot have any refined sugars. This week suited me perfectly as I am quitting sugar for Febfast. Many places sell cakes and other sweetContinue reading “National diabetes week and what I ate that week”

Priceline health tracker week 4

I have gotten 80% in the lifestyle score. I have put on some weight but that is due to hormonal changes. I now currently sit at 51kgs and with a BMI of 19.1. My heart age is 21 years and I am now 33 years old. My station score is 9.4 meaning that I amContinue reading “Priceline health tracker week 4”

Lets move 365: Getting the most out of your membership

Are you always intimidated at the gym? Do you always need to find something to do or a motivation to be there? Finding the motivation can be a challenge for people especially during the winter mornings. Yes gyms can be very expensive and after one month people will quit going there. Do gym classes TheyContinue reading “Lets move 365: Getting the most out of your membership”

How much water do I need to drink per day

Water is important for vital body functions. It is important for runners to be able to take on enough water throughout their long and short runs. Or otherwise you’ll end up dehydrated or bonking. Most amateur athletes don’t drink enough water. Most of them only drink about 1L. You should drink enough water and waterContinue reading “How much water do I need to drink per day”

Coca Cola and why it is bad for you

The rate of obesity in Australia is about 70% and it is growing year by year. The health industry costs taxpayers a lot of money. At the Royal Children’s hospital, there are lots of Coke products on sale. Here many patients, visitors and hospital staff all rely on Cola to keep them awake or coolContinue reading “Coca Cola and why it is bad for you”

The big SLF

We go here every year and every year it’s at the same place in Birrang Marr. So this year we’d thought it would be more appropriate to have drinks there. The big SLF aims to educate people about healthy and sustainable living and that is what we do here. It is over three days andContinue reading “The big SLF”

Week three of the Priceline health tracker

My results are the same ole 79% for health and my heart age has gone up to 25 years. I wonder why. My weight is excellent but my cholesterol and sleep pulls it down. This week I have been having about 3-4 times of week of eggs. This week’s theme was all about eating outside.Continue reading “Week three of the Priceline health tracker”

Week 17 of the triathlon

This Tuesday rode 34km in one hour and half and burnt 607 calories. My speed was somewhere between 20-31km per hour. My heart rate is somewhere between 100-172 in the time that I do the ride, but then afterwards it stays that way for about an hour and half. But by Friday it was muchContinue reading “Week 17 of the triathlon”

The Danish Girl- movie review

The Danish Girl is such a wonderful and moving story. It is based on a true story. The photography is just beautiful and there are some scenes that make you cry. It stars Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander as the artist couple.  It is set in 1920’s in beautiful Copenhagen. It starts off with anContinue reading “The Danish Girl- movie review”

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