How to get a better night’s sleep

Many of you are wondering about getting the best night’s sleep. Occasionally I have the odd night of not sleeping properly but I try. Not sleeping properly can cause obesity and can make you crave more sweet, salty and fatty foods.


Take Tang Kuei. Tang Kuei is a supplement to help you relax and sleep better. Shape up has them if you tell them what your problem is.

Read a good book

A good book can help relax you. It can be about anything you like so long as you can dream.
Drink some relaxing tea.

Relaxing teas can be your green tea, chamomile etc. This will help to calm you down as well as hydrate you before bed.
Get off social media one hour before bed.

Studies show that if you are on social media a lot just before bed you don’t relax much.

What do you eat?

If you are always tired in the afternoon, try this. Try to have six smaller meals during the day. Try not to have too many sugary items as they can tend to keep you awake. Try to also have some protein with your snacks and meals.

A small meal or a shake often helps before bed.

Do drink about 4-5L of water everyday. Even more so when it is hot and humid outside.

Try to limit your caffeine intake to one coffee a day.


Exercising everyday gives you endorphines. You only need about 30-60mins (more if you are a marathoner or doing endurance sports). If you are not motivated then do exercise with a friend instead of catching up for coffee and dinner all the time.

Do something you love.

Stress less

Stressing about something will only keep you awake at night. Try to relax before bed and think happy thoughts. Priceline has their twelve-week course and it is free to enrol in.


Meditation is a useful way to relax. Simply spend about 30 mins on it.  Just close your eyes and take deep breaths.

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