Week 14 of triathlon training

This Tuesday’s run was good and I explored parts of South Melbourne such as Montague St.  Bumped into a friend along the way. Was in a hurry and could not say hi or thanks for the late present. The friend got really peeved at that. Oh well. And I ran 7km. Have to get used to running in the heat.


Then RPM was really good. Managed to get in 21km within 55 mins. Going well.

Then I started reading some blogs on the Geelong race and it turns out that I may have to race in 38C heat. Was so not prepared for this. I can race on a 34C day and have been doing for a little while. But 38C? I wonder how Emma Moffat did it so well? If there are any tips and tricks do let me know! I do have some of the hydration under control but I can always put in a little more. So far I am drinking about 12-17 cups of water a day. And some of the potassium and salt is under control but I can always improve a bit.

It also turns out that I may have to do Summer Series on a 38C day which was the case last year!

On Friday rode 32km in one and a half hours. That day was really warm. It was a warm 42C day but I was inside the gym. Later on, the cool change came and I ran 9km really well. It was at 5:30pm. Before that, I vomitted again and pooed twice in one day. I had a Hydralite before the bike session.

On Sunday I walked around the river. As I was patting a dog a guy who ran came up from behind and pushed me. He did say excuse me but came up way too fast. He surprised me. He was on the left. In Australia, we overtake on the right. So I guess he was in the wrong!

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