Stress free grocery shopping

Guys need to shop during the week and with no stress? Here is how you do it!

Plan your time

Don’t go to the shop in the busiest hours or when you are hungry. Its best to do it in the morning or online if time is a real issue. If you don’t have a car online shopping is better. You might have to pay the delivery costs though but if you are a member of a shop or spend a certain amount, delivery might be free.


Do it alone

If you do it alone it’s much better as you won’t be slowed down by others who constantly put stuff in your trolley that you don’t need such as kids or friends. Or other family members and flatmates.

Write a shopping list.

Work out the things that you need. Do a pantry and a fridge clean before you go. You might find some items in there that you can use. Throw out any items which are old or inedible.

Don’t go it hungry

Eat something before you go. If you go it hungry you’ll buy waaay¬†more things than you need to And pack your own snacks and food for uni.

Communal eating

Its always a lot more fun. Here you can all share a dish or two with your flatmates. Oh and you may be able to share cooking responsibilities on a weekly basis.

Cook in bulk

Do a bulk cook up on Sunday before uni starts for the week. Then that way you’ll have lots of food for the week. And you won’t need to go out much for tea.

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