Triathlon training week 13

“I don’t answer to you,” My flatmate says to me

“maybe you should start answering to yourself!” Me to myself. These were quotes from High school musical two where Chad and Troy fight.


This week I rode a two-hour bike ride and burnt 613 calories whilst riding 35km. I am a bit slow to start off with but am getting there. I felt really energetic. And very sweaty and hungry.

Ran 7kms around the block and walked more this week. Walked from Haymarket to RMIT to try and get the legs up and moving.

Then Wednesday I rode a one hour one and burnt 411 calories whilst riding 22km. And then on Friday I rode 21km and burnt 390 calories. On Friday’s run Smith st was very busy with cars.

And then I vomitted on Friday. I was ovulating. I didn’t sleep very well last night. It was too humid. It was 35C and I walked in the sun on Thursday.

Stretching was ok. Here my gym was very busy with all the newcomers. It was free fitness week!

On Sunday I vomitted a huge amount hours after a short intense run at the gym. Not sure why this happened. I think it could be my hormones. Every time I ovulate it looks for fat and I don’t have much to give. That or I think it could be the heat that puts pressureĀ on my body. I ran about 12kms and I did mile repeats.

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