How to promote an active workplace for employees.

Many offices and workplaces have a lot of unhealthy people in the workforce. One lot that we’ll focus on is the office environment whether it is marketing, legal, accounting etc.


The cost of obesity is $637 mil dollars each year to the economy. This cost is even higher in workplaces as many obese workers will take their sick days and more than any other person. There are more injuries involved. Employers will have to pay for temporary staff to cover them.

Offices have computers and desks in which employees sit in. The problem is they don’t move much. Many of them are situated in blocks where there are lifts and at the bottom of the lift, there are lots of unhealthy food options and no gym nearby.

Office employees are often time poor and very stressed. Many of them spend their lunchtime looking at emails and their computers.

Promoting a healthy workplace in our books:

  • Get involved in a few fun runs. Many of the major ones allow teams and that is a good way for employees to exercise. And then there would be a prize for the best runner in that race. Best runner means someone with a good time. Employers could give time for employees to exercise then. I usually go running mid afternoon¬†where the slump happens.
  • Have lots of water handy for people to drink. Working in an office environment means that people might get dehydrated easily and then they confuse that with hunger
  • Do a few walking challenges
  • Employers should provide a kitchen for where employees can store homemade lunches
  • Encourage employees to bring their own snacks from home. There are many snack¬†ideas on Instagram for employees to look.
  • Tell employees who are obese to see their doctor/dietician about a meal replacement program.
  • At meetings, employers should provide fruit and yogurt rather than biscuits, cake and chocolate
  • Encourage employees to ride in and reward them for doing so.
  • Staff should be educated on obesity and we plan to write many articles on this.
  • Initiatives like Dry July and Febfast should be promoted in the workplace
  • Most gyms have a corporate rate. Employers should enquire at the gym about this and get their employees involved
  • Employers should ask staff to write down their health goals for the year


Do you have any other tips? If so leave them in the comments below!

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