What City of Melbourne has done for the homeless this year and how they can improve.

This year Melbourne Central hosted their Merrimas which is a series of free events including food. But for some of them, you had to get a selfie to get free food. Most homeless people can’t afford a mobile phone let alone do a selfie. QV hosted a popup bar on Fridays and free chips on Wednesday. But it was a once off. And the City of Melbourne had their free shopping day which had hotdogs and spiked lemonade for shoppers.


In September and October Grill’d hosted their free burger days for the homeless.

The Salvation Army hosted a few Christmas meals. Here they were always welcomed with warm arms. And this year they hosted their 10,000 meals project online. The Big Umbrella did its usual thing for the homeless.

But is it enough to alleviate the stress of Christmas for the homeless? Probably not with more and more people becoming homeless. Alcohol is the only thing that fuels violence but makes people happy.

I think that this year the City of Melbourne should not have as many fireworks but rather invest in housing and more free meals for the homeless. I am running races this year for the homeless.

The State Government should invest in more jobs for the homeless and get people off the streets. Streat is one great idea. They are a not for profit cafe which trains people up for jobs.

Do buy the Entertainment book off us and you’ll be assisting the homeless by giving them hope.

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