Triathlon training week 11

At the gym I was ok but a bit on the sluggish side. Tried the new electrolyte glycogen thing from Bulk Nutrients and it seems to be all fine.

Did weights today at the gym and all was well.  And then got on the bike and rode 19km for 50 minutes. Not bad.

Found that I am acclimatizing to heat well. As at lunchtime it was really warm.

On Instagram, I started liking more people because they influence me to do my best.  There I have 400+ followers which is awesome.

Listening to Runner Chats they say that my training should be goal oriented. I am currently training for Summer series hence I need to get used to the heat. So on Wednesday I ran after dinner. I figured that most of my races will be after dinner this time around so I thought it would be a great idea to get used to that. Did just fine with no vomitting but a little bit of coughing at the start. Before that I had a veggie burger and beer but I waited about half an hour before I started.

That day was really warm and I waited until the time of the race to run. That day I walked half an hour to the train station to get used to the heat.

Then Friday’s run was a short, rainy run. Here I noticed that my face is really white. I wonder why! I eat enough iron I think. So I may have to get iron levels tested either next week or the following week when the Dr’s office opens. Or it could be menstrual time.

Playing with my band at home and I found that I was a little rusty with it. Will need to practice when I’m at the gym next time.

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