How gaming candy crush became unhealthy

In the world today about $66 Billion per year is spent on gaming alone. And of course children get lots of games during Christmas. Riley (2010) says that Americans alone spend $25.3 Bil on buying games and consoles for kids every Christmas. According to Riley about 20% of people downloaded games. According to Serrels (2016) digital gaming is up by a whooping 27%



Candy crush King. Image courtesy of Free Apps on Pinterest


Candy crush is an addictive game which everyone plays. But how unhealthy is playing Candy Crush all the time when it is free time? We trial this idea for a month.

Candy crush is a game where you earn points to get rid of the jellies. The Jellies are all different colors. There is no money involved but there is the pressure of asking friends and family for lives. There are a certain amount of lives that you have before you fail. During the experiment we kept on obsessing over the lives and when they’ll come back. We had to buy some lives.

The game was played on a mobile phone

The bad stuff

  • we spent more on data than what we should have spent. We spent about $10 and $30 each time. As a result, we kept on worrying about money and finances. We were also dependant on free wi-fi in the city and at home.
  • We spent $17 on stuff for the game like the gold bars etc.
  • We played it all the time even when it was not supposed to be played. ie. during dinner or a social situation
  • In the first few days, we suffered from RSI (repetitive strain injury) and eye injury from seeing all the colors for long periods of time
  • Neglected our schoolwork because of it and almost neglected Instagram.
  • Couldn’t sleep well for some nights
  • The time that was used to be spent with friends and family has diminished.

The good stuff

Nothing really.


What we hope would happen:

In the new year, we hope that many parents would realize that gaming obsession is real and that parents would recognize the signs. It is hoped that many parents would convince their child not to play too many games all the time.  A game once in a while is ok. Parents would encourage their kids to go outdoors and socialize.  Or spend time with the family. I am glad that gaming obsession is now a mental health problem.

I hope that the Government does something about this issue before it gets way out of hand. Already a few people died from this addiction.



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