Week 1 of the Priceline lose weight challenge

So I signed up for this challenge to inspire you guys to lose some weight. It is a free online challenge done by Priceline pharmacy. One of the things we have to think about are the goals. They talk about having a SMART goal such as losing 80kgs within the year and not within the month. In 2014 I had put on so much weight that I really wanted to lose it.

Lose it, I did by going lots to the gym and really trying. I didn’t do the fad diets and lose the weight within a week. But I did it long term. At first gym and exercise seemed like a chore but then after seeing the results, I wanted more. I slept better

Think about why you want to lose the weight? Is it because of some health issue or because you want to fit into those clothes? Or is it because you want to look like some actress or fashion model that you see on TV.

I went to the Priceline Pharmacy in Highpoint and got my free scan. Here it said that I weigh 51.3 kg and I had 25% body fat. They say that this is normal for women my age. But my heart age is 3 years older. I wonder why. They also say that my blood sugar and cholesterol are at risk. I wonder why seeing as I don’t eat a lot of processed sugars. My nutrition is only 60%. I, sometimes only have one piece of toast and milk before I get out the door and then more breakfast such as eggs. Let’s see how I can better that. Sleep is at 47% but I know why. Is because I don’t sleep so well when it is humid.

I consume not enough cholesterol according to myfitnesspal.

My pantry is at least void of all the junk food except for the popcorn which isn’t mine and the cake decorating stuff which is also not mine.

As for stress, it adds to the weight gain. People who stress a lot and don’t exercise enough crave sweet and fatty foods. When I stress about things I either blog or listen to music. I would love to have less stress in my life and lessen the rate of obesity in the world which is caused by stress among other things. I want more time for myself and just relax by the beach. I am healthy and sometimes the happiest when I am at the gym mucking around. I am also the happiest when I achieve a lot of things. I have a lot of cortisol when assignments and deadlines are due. Cortisol is a stress hormone.

How to get a better night’s sleep

Many of you are wondering about getting the best night’s sleep. Occasionally I have the odd night of not sleeping properly but I try. Not sleeping properly can cause obesity and can make you crave more sweet, salty and fatty foods.


Take Tang Kuei. Tang Kuei is a supplement to help you relax and sleep better. Shape up has them if you tell them what your problem is.

Read a good book

A good book can help relax you. It can be about anything you like so long as you can dream.
Drink some relaxing tea.

Relaxing teas can be your green tea, chamomile etc. This will help to calm you down as well as hydrate you before bed.
Get off social media one hour before bed.

Studies show that if you are on social media a lot just before bed you don’t relax much.

What do you eat?

If you are always tired in the afternoon, try this. Try to have six smaller meals during the day. Try not to have too many sugary items as they can tend to keep you awake. Try to also have some protein with your snacks and meals.

A small meal or a shake often helps before bed.

Do drink about 4-5L of water everyday. Even more so when it is hot and humid outside.

Try to limit your caffeine intake to one coffee a day.


Exercising everyday gives you endorphines. You only need about 30-60mins (more if you are a marathoner or doing endurance sports). If you are not motivated then do exercise with a friend instead of catching up for coffee and dinner all the time.

Do something you love.

Stress less

Stressing about something will only keep you awake at night. Try to relax before bed and think happy thoughts. Priceline has their twelve-week course and it is free to enrol in.


Meditation is a useful way to relax. Simply spend about 30 mins on it.  Just close your eyes and take deep breaths.

Stress free grocery shopping

Guys need to shop during the week and with no stress? Here is how you do it!

Plan your time

Don’t go to the shop in the busiest hours or when you are hungry. Its best to do it in the morning or online if time is a real issue. If you don’t have a car online shopping is better. You might have to pay the delivery costs though but if you are a member of a shop or spend a certain amount, delivery might be free.


Do it alone

If you do it alone it’s much better as you won’t be slowed down by others who constantly put stuff in your trolley that you don’t need such as kids or friends. Or other family members and flatmates.

Write a shopping list.

Work out the things that you need. Do a pantry and a fridge clean before you go. You might find some items in there that you can use. Throw out any items which are old or inedible.

Don’t go it hungry

Eat something before you go. If you go it hungry you’ll buy waaay more things than you need to And pack your own snacks and food for uni.

Communal eating

Its always a lot more fun. Here you can all share a dish or two with your flatmates. Oh and you may be able to share cooking responsibilities on a weekly basis.

Cook in bulk

Do a bulk cook up on Sunday before uni starts for the week. Then that way you’ll have lots of food for the week. And you won’t need to go out much for tea.

Week 14 of triathlon training

This Tuesday’s run was good and I explored parts of South Melbourne such as Montague St.  Bumped into a friend along the way. Was in a hurry and could not say hi or thanks for the late present. The friend got really peeved at that. Oh well. And I ran 7km. Have to get used to running in the heat.


Then RPM was really good. Managed to get in 21km within 55 mins. Going well.

Then I started reading some blogs on the Geelong race and it turns out that I may have to race in 38C heat. Was so not prepared for this. I can race on a 34C day and have been doing for a little while. But 38C? I wonder how Emma Moffat did it so well? If there are any tips and tricks do let me know! I do have some of the hydration under control but I can always put in a little more. So far I am drinking about 12-17 cups of water a day. And some of the potassium and salt is under control but I can always improve a bit.

It also turns out that I may have to do Summer Series on a 38C day which was the case last year!

On Friday rode 32km in one and a half hours. That day was really warm. It was a warm 42C day but I was inside the gym. Later on, the cool change came and I ran 9km really well. It was at 5:30pm. Before that, I vomitted again and pooed twice in one day. I had a Hydralite before the bike session.

On Sunday I walked around the river. As I was patting a dog a guy who ran came up from behind and pushed me. He did say excuse me but came up way too fast. He surprised me. He was on the left. In Australia, we overtake on the right. So I guess he was in the wrong!

Why Starbucks everyday is bad for you

And its ok upon occasionally.

Starbucks is a franchise and they have a few stores in the city and some in the suburban areas. They mostly employ young workers who might not be paid properly. The ones in the city are always the busiest as people look for their coffee fix or sweet iced drink.

Their coffees are quite large but they do have a small size. Their specialities are the American coffees and frappes in which most people consume over summer. At the Elizabeth st store near my gym I always see people in there ordering drinks. Its the same deal for Melbourne Central.

And I know that those drinks on a daily basis are bad for you. They are sugar laden and calorie-laden. Both of which are not good for your waistline and your teeth. If you have these every day then you may get tooth decay.

My strawberry drink was really sweet and artificial. It was sickly sweet. It had too much ice in it. The flavour syrup was not mixed in properly.

Its a fast food place with sandwiches, pies, iced drinks, and coffee. They heat up the pies and bagels for you. Their cake slices are huge.

The yoyo biscuit had been sitting in the fridge for a long while. It was crumbly and really sweet.

Then the vegetarian spinach roll has about 410 calories and was really oily. It also had a lot of cheese in there. Luckily I didn’t eat all.

There was a rainbow bagel and I bought this in support of the marriage law and happiness. Here it was toasted and it included lots of cream cheese. The bagel itself is quite alright but with a lot of cheese that is a lot of calories. And this cream cheese is fatty.

My iced long black filter coffee was ok.

In short go there only for a treat. And don’t go there everyday. And instead of having Starbucks frappes on a hot day, why not have the protein shakes at Shape up or the supermarket nearby? Or just drink plain water?


Painful periods: are they normal?

No they are not normal. I have struggled with painful periods for a while. I dry reached, vomited and they were painful. That is….until…. I ate right. I ate the right amount of iron and magnesium.


Despite all that, many women to this day have severe pain. Some period pain is alright as it is just the uterus getting rid of the blood and tissues. On the second day I have a heavy flow. It can be painful for me at times.

Some women have very heavy periods meaning that they would use two pads at a time or change their pads every hour. That is not normal. It could mean that you have some sort of underlying problem or low levels of iron. I used to have very heavy periods until my iron became great.


If you have very painful periods you should see a doctor and get it checked out. They would do some sort of test to make sure that you are ok and work out underlying problems.

Triathlon training week 13

“I don’t answer to you,” My flatmate says to me

“maybe you should start answering to yourself!” Me to myself. These were quotes from High school musical two where Chad and Troy fight.


This week I rode a two-hour bike ride and burnt 613 calories whilst riding 35km. I am a bit slow to start off with but am getting there. I felt really energetic. And very sweaty and hungry.

Ran 7kms around the block and walked more this week. Walked from Haymarket to RMIT to try and get the legs up and moving.

Then Wednesday I rode a one hour one and burnt 411 calories whilst riding 22km. And then on Friday I rode 21km and burnt 390 calories. On Friday’s run Smith st was very busy with cars.

And then I vomitted on Friday. I was ovulating. I didn’t sleep very well last night. It was too humid. It was 35C and I walked in the sun on Thursday.

Stretching was ok. Here my gym was very busy with all the newcomers. It was free fitness week!

On Sunday I vomitted a huge amount hours after a short intense run at the gym. Not sure why this happened. I think it could be my hormones. Every time I ovulate it looks for fat and I don’t have much to give. That or I think it could be the heat that puts pressure on my body. I ran about 12kms and I did mile repeats.

The AMA’s recommendations

Earlier this week the AMA released some new guidelines. The AMA is the Australian Medical Association. They released some new guidelines to tackle the obesity problem we currently have.


I started the conversation on Twitter about their new guidelines and how we the bloggers can promote it. There needs to more education on healthy eating, particularly on Instagram. Hospitals need to stop serving junk food and instead serve more healthy food. The Royal Children’s Hospital is a good example of one that should get rid of Maccas and other junk food options as it is not right for kids. We should be setting a good example for kids.

Schools are starting to have a fair few healthy food options which are beneficial for kids and adults alike. But universities and offices have lots of vending machines which make junk food seem like a more accessible option. If they got rid of those and had a lot healthier options it might work in their favor.

As for the shopping centers, the green light and the red light program worked well. When it was introduced in QV I knew which foods to go for. It was introduced in 2010 and then they stopped it.  I had a weight issue at that time. I think they stopped it mainly for financial reasons.

One of our recommendations is for the big cinemas to start selling some healthier options. Healthier options can include Banh mi, rice paper rolls, salads, sushi etc. The popcorn there has waay too much fat for one person. And they have huge servings. Larger portions entice people to eat more. The big cinemas we refer to are Hoyts and Village. Palace cinemas have a few health food options. They also have some vegetarian options for everyone. Hoyts now serves alcohol. Hoyts and Village have healthy food options but they are only limited to those that can afford the money. Lido, a boutique cinema in Melbourne don’t just have popcorn and chips. They also have toasties and real food.

As for the gyms it is all fine and dandy for them to sell supplements. But they should teach people to use them the right way. Some people take too much of them when they don’t need to

People in rural areas and children need to be educated in better health. So far about 63.4% of Australians are obese according to the Huffington post.  There are a lot of junk food ads on tv and they should be banned. Also people collect these vouchers which are a 2 for 1 from fast food places which entices them to eat more than they should. A good way to keep track of food is to have a Myfitnesspal account.

Lets hope that 2018 will be a better and much healthier year for all!

How to promote an active workplace for employees.

Many offices and workplaces have a lot of unhealthy people in the workforce. One lot that we’ll focus on is the office environment whether it is marketing, legal, accounting etc.


The cost of obesity is $637 mil dollars each year to the economy. This cost is even higher in workplaces as many obese workers will take their sick days and more than any other person. There are more injuries involved. Employers will have to pay for temporary staff to cover them.

Offices have computers and desks in which employees sit in. The problem is they don’t move much. Many of them are situated in blocks where there are lifts and at the bottom of the lift, there are lots of unhealthy food options and no gym nearby.

Office employees are often time poor and very stressed. Many of them spend their lunchtime looking at emails and their computers.

Promoting a healthy workplace in our books:

  • Get involved in a few fun runs. Many of the major ones allow teams and that is a good way for employees to exercise. And then there would be a prize for the best runner in that race. Best runner means someone with a good time. Employers could give time for employees to exercise then. I usually go running mid afternoon where the slump happens.
  • Have lots of water handy for people to drink. Working in an office environment means that people might get dehydrated easily and then they confuse that with hunger
  • Do a few walking challenges
  • Employers should provide a kitchen for where employees can store homemade lunches
  • Encourage employees to bring their own snacks from home. There are many snack ideas on Instagram for employees to look.
  • Tell employees who are obese to see their doctor/dietician about a meal replacement program.
  • At meetings, employers should provide fruit and yogurt rather than biscuits, cake and chocolate
  • Encourage employees to ride in and reward them for doing so.
  • Staff should be educated on obesity and we plan to write many articles on this.
  • Initiatives like Dry July and Febfast should be promoted in the workplace
  • Most gyms have a corporate rate. Employers should enquire at the gym about this and get their employees involved
  • Employers should ask staff to write down their health goals for the year


Do you have any other tips? If so leave them in the comments below!

Triathlon training week 12

This week Metro has some rail replacement buses so instead of going on them to South Yarra, I decided to run to Bridie’s on Wednesday and try out the new camera lenses in Chapel st on Tuesday.

It was the second day of my period and just after the XMAS holidays so of course, I rode a slow 19.3km. But my run of 7km was just alright. I had lost a lot of iron but managed to get it back with help of potassium and Herbalife naked smoothie which didn’t see me going to the bathroom to vomit. After my period I’m often a little bit tired due to the iron loss.

But stretching went ok.

Started training for Summer series and realized that the first session is on the day after my period which means no energy and no nutrients. If I can change my eating plan I will. For the Summer series, I will be doing 8km for the three events which are two weeks apart. For my first training run of 8km (two loops around the Maribyrnong River), I had no energy. Therefore, I walked most of the way.

But Friday’s run went ok. I started having more energy then and ran faster. By then my period was almost over. I also biked that day but slow. I saw the Latin Summer Fiesta whilst there but didn’t go in. Too many people and I was short on time.