Week 1 of the Priceline lose weight challenge

So I signed up for this challenge to inspire you guys to lose some weight. It is a free online challenge done by Priceline pharmacy. One of the things we have to think about are the goals. They talk about having a SMART goal such as losing 80kgs within the year and not within the month.Continue reading “Week 1 of the Priceline lose weight challenge”


How to get a better night’s sleep

Many of you are wondering about getting the best night’s sleep. Occasionally I have the odd night of not sleeping properly but I try. Not sleeping properly can cause obesity and can make you crave more sweet, salty and fatty foods. Take Tang Kuei. Tang Kuei is a supplement to help you relax and sleep better.Continue reading “How to get a better night’s sleep”

Stress free grocery shopping

Guys need to shop during the week and with no stress? Here is how you do it! Plan your time Don’t go to the shop in the busiest hours or when you are hungry. Its best to do it in the morning or online if time is a real issue. If you don’t have aContinue reading “Stress free grocery shopping”

Week 14 of triathlon training

This Tuesday’s run was good and I explored parts of South Melbourne such as Montague St.  Bumped into a friend along the way. Was in a hurry and could not say hi or thanks for the late present. The friend got really peeved at that. Oh well. And I ran 7km. Have to get usedContinue reading “Week 14 of triathlon training”

Why Starbucks everyday is bad for you

And its ok upon occasionally. Starbucks is a franchise and they have a few stores in the city and some in the suburban areas. They mostly employ young workers who might not be paid properly. The ones in the city are always the busiest as people look for their coffee fix or sweet iced drink.Continue reading “Why Starbucks everyday is bad for you”

Painful periods: are they normal?

No they are not normal. I have struggled with painful periods for a while. I dry reached, vomited and they were painful. That is….until…. I ate right. I ate the right amount of iron and magnesium.   Despite all that, many women to this day have severe pain. Some period pain is alright as itContinue reading “Painful periods: are they normal?”

Triathlon training week 13

“I don’t answer to you,” My flatmate says to me “maybe you should start answering to yourself!” Me to myself. These were quotes from High school musical two where Chad and Troy fight. This week I rode a two-hour bike ride and burnt 613 calories whilst riding 35km. I am a bit slow to startContinue reading “Triathlon training week 13”

The AMA’s recommendations

Earlier this week the AMA released some new guidelines. The AMA is the Australian Medical Association. They released some new guidelines to tackle the obesity problem we currently have. I started the conversation on Twitter about their new guidelines and how we the bloggers can promote it. There needs to more education on healthy eating,Continue reading “The AMA’s recommendations”

How to promote an active workplace for employees.

Many offices and workplaces have a lot of unhealthy people in the workforce. One lot that we’ll focus on is the office environment whether it is marketing, legal, accounting etc. The cost of obesity is $637 mil dollars each year to the economy. This cost is even higher in workplaces as many obese workers willContinue reading “How to promote an active workplace for employees.”

Triathlon training week 12

This week Metro has some rail replacement buses so instead of going on them to South Yarra, I decided to run to Bridie’s on Wednesday and try out the new camera lenses in Chapel st on Tuesday. It was the second day of my period and just after the XMAS holidays so of course, IContinue reading “Triathlon training week 12”

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