Obesity and soft drinks should the government put a tax on them?


And we’re arguing yes as obesity is on the rise.  This year too many Australians have drunk a lot of soft drink and have eaten too much sugary food. And this is usually before Christmas.

The government has decided to do a crackdown on obesity and as such are proposing to put a sugar tax on these foods. People on Facebook argue that this is not the way to go, but we are for this tax. It is long overdue.

People get tooth decay from eating too much sugar. It is said that sugar sweetened foods and drinks leads to obesity in children and adults according to a survey done in an article from zee.com.

During the winter months, we put on more weight due to these consumptions. At Flinders St station there are lots of junk food being sold as well as too many vending machines. These entice people to buy the food. The only health food outlets are the Tower sushi and the newsagency.  It’s almost the same at Southern Cross, except they have a Nashi shop, Woolworths, and a Go Vita store.

During events, people buy soft drinks for $3-$5 and there is free water available. Or better still people should buy a SodaStream and then you can make your sugarfree soda at home to take to events. A SodaStream is $99 at David Jones.

Yes there should be a sugar tax as the UK will have one soon. Then people won’t be so lazy and will find healthier alternatives to their favorite junk food. They might even be inspired to make their own.

People would buy things in moderation if junk was expensive. Already at the gym that I work out at, they see a lot of people that are obese or need to lose weight and that’s before Christmas.

The government should think about imposing a sugar tax for 2018. Then that is one way of reducing the obesity problem.

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