Leaving a child in the car on a hot day: is it ok?

In the news I hear of children being left in cars and it angers me. Paramedics and the fire brigade has to rescue a child and that can take up some of their resources and time.


Sometimes as a runner I see news of parents who leave children in cars on hot days. Even though the temperature is 22C, inside a car it goes up to 44C. I know it is convenient to leave children in the car whilst doing errands but it really is not on.

It really annoys me. Every year about 5000+ children are locked in cars and that number is rising.

Children can die inside a car. Inside a car, a child can get dehydrated as their body temperature cannot be controlled. Even if you leave a window open it makes no difference whatsoever. What’s worse is if you leave the keys in the ignition. Someone can steal your car and child.

As a child, I was never left in a car on my own. I went inside with my parents and my parents didn’t mind teaching me about the outside world. They didn’t mind that I went along with them. When we did grocery shopping they were more than happy to┬álet me help. I also wasn’t allowed to play with their keys in case of accidentally locking myself in the car.

The moral is: be responsible for your child and never leave them inside the car. Whilst doing the groceries, let the child help you and don’t let them touch your key.

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