Sri Chinmoy race and a disappointing result

I entered another Sri Chinmoy race for the 10th of December. Raced that on a 16C- 25C day and it started at 8am. It was $25 to enter.


It started in a new place for me and that is Cherry Lake. Cherry Lake is in beautiful Altona which is half an hour from the city. I entered the 10.5 km and was expecting to finish in 70 mins. Instead, I finished in 80 minutes and out of breath. I woke up late and then didn’t have breakfast until after I got to Flinders St. And then skipped my usual molasses thing until after the race.

Hence the lack of energy to complete the race. I was walking most of the time. This time there were no relay teams rather solo runners and so on the third lap, I was on my own. By the time I had finished they had started to pack up.

But I still got my pancakes in. And this time it’s with molasses. Hence there was no sugar.

Many thanks to the Sri Chinmoy Races for the invite.

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