Hydration for runners and why its important

Water makes up about 60-70 percent of your body weight. Without it we cannot function. Runners need a lot more water on a hot day. Moreover we need a lot more hydration and electrolytes on a warm summer’s day.


Hydration can be in a few forms. One of the most common ones is water, another one is unsweetened orange juice which is good for potassium levels. Most runners like to mix their water with one of the many sports supplements out there.

Ask yourself: How much water and fluids do I have a day as an active runner? And you’ll be surprised by the answer of not much. Most runners need about 4-6L a day. Most runners will get dehydrated without water and I have seen a few collapse at the finish line at the Melbourne Marathon. Yes there is water on the course but of course you need to get used to drinking a lot.

You might consider Apple cider vinegar, aloe or Herbalife’s tea to add to your water intake. I try to drink only one coffee a day and that’s it.

Yes water and hydration are expensive but you can use the drinking water you have at home or at the gym. You can buy a drink bottle for as little as $2.80 at Daiso.

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