Triathlon training week 8

I threw up today. I am on the fourth day of my period.

Run went really great- I ran about 7kms. Here I ran to Commercial road and back and no puffing.  I was full of energy.

It was the same for my bike ride where I burnt 398 calories in one hour.

Then Wednesday I rowed for 15 mins and was out of breath.  The bike ride was fine though. That day was shopping day in the city hence there were too many people.

Then Friday’s run went well except I threw up afterwards. It was 8km and a warm 19C day. Then that day afterwards I burnt 371 calories on the bike. And there was no throwing up.

And then Sunday’s long run of 33km was alright. It didn’t start so well in the morning but it was fine after I consumed some iron of molasses. I woke up late and was not happy. But I did take a tote bag which represented my street gear bag and the guys at Sri Chinmoy looked after it well for me.

But then the second part of running up St Kilda road and going to St Kilda and back seemed fine for me.


Lunch for me was at Lentils as per usual and it was dahl. The dahl was lovely.  Then running home was just fine and I got an Emma and Toms sparkling drink which was nice on this hot day.

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