Sri Chinmoy 12km race and an extra 25km run.

Sri Chinmoy is on every month and this month’s one was at the Tan. There were 14 teams running and some solo people as well. A few people did the marathon but I thought that since the marathon closes in four hours I thought better leave it to another time when I run much better.

On the morning of the race there were lots of showers. I had to wake up at 4:30am just to get there in time and get my registration sorted. You can register online and they post out the pack to you but I registered late. So I had to collect mine.  It was $25 to register online or $30 on the day.

I was really nervous at the start because I did not know what to expect.

The concept of the race is that it is social and friendly and it is shared on the same path as the walkers and other joggers. But the chute is just for us. At the end of the run, there are pancakes and electrolyte.

I ran three laps around the Tan. It was amazing except for the Anderson St hill. That was a bit of a climb. But the rest was well organized. And I was the first 12km person to finish in a time of 1 hr and 25 mins. That’s a first for me. And I survived the odd thunderstorm. I was really worried about surviving it.

It was really fun watching all the relay teams run after I finished. And the pancakes at the end were lovely. I enjoyed that with a bit of maple syrup and half a banana.

After a while, I was feeling a bit energetic so I ran to St Kilda, Port Melbourne and then back to the city. It was drizzly but starting to clear up. For lunch, it was a lentil curry and a fastish run from there back to the city.

I had a coffee during the run. It kept me energised.

Many thanks to Sri Chinmoy Races for having me.

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