Obesity and soft drinks should the government put a tax on them?

And we’re arguing yes as obesity is on the rise.  This year too many Australians have drunk a lot of soft drink and have eaten too much sugary food. And this is usually before Christmas. The government has decided to do a crackdown on obesity and as such are proposing to put a sugar taxContinue reading “Obesity and soft drinks should the government put a tax on them?”


Leaving a child in the car on a hot day: is it ok?

In the news I hear of children being left in cars and it angers me. Paramedics and the fire brigade has to rescue a child and that can take up some of their resources and time. Sometimes as a runner I see news of parents who leave children in cars on hot days. Even thoughContinue reading “Leaving a child in the car on a hot day: is it ok?”

Triathlon training week 10

“Anything is possible!” “Don’t scared of failure!” Jim Rohn This week I did manage to try out the RACV blue bike whilst it was stationary and I found that I got the balance easy. Tuesday’s run of 7km was in the heat and it was good. There were a few walk breaks and I didContinue reading “Triathlon training week 10”

The year 2017 in reflection

Here is what happened this year. This year was full of the good and bad and it has gone by really fast. It was one hell of a busy year for me in Australia The good: The same sex marriage is allowed now. Yay to no more discrimination We now have 462 followers on Instagram now.Continue reading “The year 2017 in reflection”

Running Heroes Challenge

Running heroes is a site in which you can join like minded people on their race and encourage others. Signing up is really easy and takes minutes. There are challenges where you can win some awesome prizes such as free shoes and holidays and other things. Only if you enter the kms each week. AndContinue reading “Running Heroes Challenge”

Sri Chinmoy race and a disappointing result

I entered another Sri Chinmoy race for the 10th of December. Raced that on a 16C- 25C day and it started at 8am. It was $25 to enter. It started in a new place for me and that is Cherry Lake. Cherry Lake is in beautiful Altona which is half an hour from the city.Continue reading “Sri Chinmoy race and a disappointing result”

Triathlon training week 9

Tuesday’s run was an easy 8km. But Wednesday it was 36C during the day and then at night, it became 33C. I ran in the twilight hours where it was cooler. That is when I saw the Run Party at Albert Park and gosh it was busy. The music was pumping and there was aContinue reading “Triathlon training week 9”

Hydration for runners and why its important

Water makes up about 60-70 percent of your body weight. Without it we cannot function. Runners need a lot more water on a hot day. Moreover we need a lot more hydration and electrolytes on a warm summer’s day. Hydration can be in a few forms. One of the most common ones is water, anotherContinue reading “Hydration for runners and why its important”

Some questions to help you kickstart your weight loss goals

Guys is your New Years resolution to lose weight? If so here are some questions to think about so that you can live a more healthy active lifestyle! These questions are designed to help you lead a more happier and healthier lifestyle in 2018! Exercise What do you like to do for exercise? When doContinue reading “Some questions to help you kickstart your weight loss goals”

The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour is a movie about Winston Churchill’s time in Parliament and how he changed the world. It is set in World war 2 in Britain where the British troops are fighting France and Germany. The movie is directed by Joe Wright who directed Atonement. Gary Oldman stars as Winston Churchill and he does aContinue reading “The Darkest Hour”

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