Obesity and soft drinks should the government put a tax on them?


And we’re arguing yes as obesity is on the rise.  This year too many Australians have drunk a lot of soft drink and have eaten too much sugary food. And this is usually before Christmas.

The government has decided to do a crackdown on obesity and as such are proposing to put a sugar tax on these foods. People on Facebook argue that this is not the way to go, but we are for this tax. It is long overdue.

People get tooth decay from eating too much sugar. It is said that sugar sweetened foods and drinks leads to obesity in children and adults according to a survey done in an article from zee.com.

During the winter months, we put on more weight due to these consumptions. At Flinders St station there are lots of junk food being sold as well as too many vending machines. These entice people to buy the food. The only health food outlets are the Tower sushi and the newsagency.  It’s almost the same at Southern Cross, except they have a Nashi shop, Woolworths, and a Go Vita store.

During events, people buy soft drinks for $3-$5 and there is free water available. Or better still people should buy a SodaStream and then you can make your sugarfree soda at home to take to events. A SodaStream is $99 at David Jones.

Yes there should be a sugar tax as the UK will have one soon. Then people won’t be so lazy and will find healthier alternatives to their favorite junk food. They might even be inspired to make their own.

People would buy things in moderation if junk was expensive. Already at the gym that I work out at, they see a lot of people that are obese or need to lose weight and that’s before Christmas.

The government should think about imposing a sugar tax for 2018. Then that is one way of reducing the obesity problem.

Leaving a child in the car on a hot day: is it ok?

In the news I hear of children being left in cars and it angers me. Paramedics and the fire brigade has to rescue a child and that can take up some of their resources and time.


Sometimes as a runner I see news of parents who leave children in cars on hot days. Even though the temperature is 22C, inside a car it goes up to 44C. I know it is convenient to leave children in the car whilst doing errands but it really is not on.

It really annoys me. Every year about 5000+ children are locked in cars and that number is rising.

Children can die inside a car. Inside a car, a child can get dehydrated as their body temperature cannot be controlled. Even if you leave a window open it makes no difference whatsoever. What’s worse is if you leave the keys in the ignition. Someone can steal your car and child.

As a child, I was never left in a car on my own. I went inside with my parents and my parents didn’t mind teaching me about the outside world. They didn’t mind that I went along with them. When we did grocery shopping they were more than happy to let me help. I also wasn’t allowed to play with their keys in case of accidentally locking myself in the car.

The moral is: be responsible for your child and never leave them inside the car. Whilst doing the groceries, let the child help you and don’t let them touch your key.

Triathlon training week 10

“Anything is possible!” “Don’t scared of failure!” Jim Rohn

This week I did manage to try out the RACV blue bike whilst it was stationary and I found that I got the balance easy.

Tuesday’s run of 7km was in the heat and it was good. There were a few walk breaks and I did manage to dry reach afterward because I wasn’t used to my heart rate going up to 170 in the heat. And I did not do so well on the bicycle also with me just burning 339 calories and riding 18km.

Then Wednesday’s bike ride I burned 392 calories and rode 21km. You would think that heat acclimatization is easy but it’s not.  I am very slowly getting the hang. I vomited in the end due to the heat and sweat.  Wednesday’s run was a little bit painful due to too much exertion. And on Friday I burnt 613 calories doing a 35 km bike ride in 1 hr and 30 mins.

During Friday’s run I went and found the O Connell hotel and I did a really good run then. Vomited a little bit afterward because the heart rate was so high.

Then on Saturday night I had PMS and could not sleep well. Sometimes I can and other times I cant. Then Sunday’s run of 32km felt labored. It was good in some parts and bad in others. It was windy with a top of 22C. My hair went everywhere. It was in St Kilda, Richmond, and city. I tried the new Swan St bridge and I was fine.

On St Kilda road I kept wanting to go on the tram but in the end, I said no.

Of course, I had a vegetarian lunch at Lentils but this time I added more salad to my lunch to have more veg.

At Gumboots shop I tried some Rose and I had more Christmas eve drinks at Republica.

The year 2017 in reflection

Here is what happened this year. This year was full of the good and bad and it has gone by really fast. It was one hell of a busy year for me in Australia


The good:

  • The same sex marriage is allowed now. Yay to no more discrimination
  • We now have 462 followers on Instagram now. Yay!
  • Our followers for WordPress has gone from nothing to 22 followers.
  • Made a few acquaintances throughout the running races.

The bad:

  • Obesity is at an all-time high. And it continues to skyrocket
  • Homelessness is getting a lot worse now. More people are sleeping rough in the city.
  • Alcoholism and drugs have escalated. Every day there is always someone yelling in the city or on a train/tram
  • Fare evasion because of rising costs is also at an all-time high.
  • AO’s have been a little bit unfriendly towards visitors to Melbourne who are not familiar with the MYKI system
  • The fine has increased to $238 for no valid ticket.


What we hope for next year:

  • More and more people will become a better version of themselves. More and more people will join running races, gyms or running teams to become a healthier version of themselves.
  • Public transport will be more user friendly. In 2017 top ups online take about 90 mins to process. There should be more top up machines at stops and that Authorised officers are friendlier towards the public.
  • That Authorized officers speak a second language so that more people will understand
  • Homelessness and poverty will be reduced by half at the end of next year.
  • The cost of living will be a lot cheaper for those that can’t afford it.
  • More positivity from people and more support for mental health services for those that cannot afford it.

Here’s to a great 2018 in Australia!

Running Heroes Challenge

Running heroes is a site in which you can join like minded people on their race and encourage others.

Signing up is really easy and takes minutes.


There are challenges where you can win some awesome prizes such as free shoes and holidays and other things. Only if you enter the kms each week. And you can get points and exchange them for discounts to a favourite online retailer. Entering the kms is easy. All you need to do is sync your Garmin, Strava, Fitbit etc.

A walk is about 100-120 pts depending on the kms done. A run is about 4-60 pts depending on the time and kms done.


Every week there are new challenges and every week someone wins one. If you work hard enough you might just win one or two.

Do sign up for Running heroes. 

Sri Chinmoy race and a disappointing result

I entered another Sri Chinmoy race for the 10th of December. Raced that on a 16C- 25C day and it started at 8am. It was $25 to enter.


It started in a new place for me and that is Cherry Lake. Cherry Lake is in beautiful Altona which is half an hour from the city. I entered the 10.5 km and was expecting to finish in 70 mins. Instead, I finished in 80 minutes and out of breath. I woke up late and then didn’t have breakfast until after I got to Flinders St. And then skipped my usual molasses thing until after the race.

Hence the lack of energy to complete the race. I was walking most of the time. This time there were no relay teams rather solo runners and so on the third lap, I was on my own. By the time I had finished they had started to pack up.

But I still got my pancakes in. And this time it’s with molasses. Hence there was no sugar.

Many thanks to the Sri Chinmoy Races for the invite.

Triathlon training week 9

Tuesday’s run was an easy 8km.

But Wednesday it was 36C during the day and then at night, it became 33C. I ran in the twilight hours where it was cooler. That is when I saw the Run Party at Albert Park and gosh it was busy. The music was pumping and there was a good vibe to it.

My flatmate says “Are you crazy to run in this heat?” I say “NO”. In fact, it was 35C when I got to Albert Park and I have known for Ironman to be held in 35C heat. Of course, the race organizers for that event couldn’t cancel it even if they wanted to. And that is because they have paid for the permits, stall holders etc. To get a permit at Albert park would be expensive and it would be expensive for Sole Motive to cancel it.

Hence they had more water and mist for their runners as well as free chobani and nuts. Some people excelled in the heat. I have known for a 5k runner to do their run within 19mins.

I got my Bicycle Network card this week and my letter. Well, now that will mean that I will need to learn how to ride in the new year. With it comes free membership from RACV. So far Melbourne has some amazing bike paths but it isn’t widely communicated to tourists and international students. In the new year, I would love to see that they are widely promoted as well as some of the bike rules for students.

Then Sunday’s long run of 35km was really good. This time I remembered to have my iron supplements in the morning and not leave it until after the race. Also, I ovulated, so bring on the luteal phase. Which means that I can do longer races with not much walking. Here I went from Maribynong park, Haymarket, City, Swan st in Richmond, Chapel St, St Kilda and then back to the city.

Lunch was always at Lentils and this time I tried a gluten-free cookie. Which is not bad until it crumbled.


At Flinders st, there was free Bulla yogurt. I treated this like an aid station where it is up and go. And slow down at the station.

At Point Ormond, it was really windy and my hat kept on falling off. Now I will need to find a way to stop this. Any ideas?

Hydration for runners and why its important

Water makes up about 60-70 percent of your body weight. Without it we cannot function. Runners need a lot more water on a hot day. Moreover we need a lot more hydration and electrolytes on a warm summer’s day.


Hydration can be in a few forms. One of the most common ones is water, another one is unsweetened orange juice which is good for potassium levels. Most runners like to mix their water with one of the many sports supplements out there.

Ask yourself: How much water and fluids do I have a day as an active runner? And you’ll be surprised by the answer of not much. Most runners need about 4-6L a day. Most runners will get dehydrated without water and I have seen a few collapse at the finish line at the Melbourne Marathon. Yes there is water on the course but of course you need to get used to drinking a lot.

You might consider Apple cider vinegar, aloe or Herbalife’s tea to add to your water intake. I try to drink only one coffee a day and that’s it.

Yes water and hydration are expensive but you can use the drinking water you have at home or at the gym. You can buy a drink bottle for as little as $2.80 at Daiso.

Some questions to help you kickstart your weight loss goals

Guys is your New Years resolution to lose weight? If so here are some questions to think about so that you can live a more healthy active lifestyle!

These questions are designed to help you lead a more happier and healthier lifestyle in 2018!



What do you like to do for exercise?

When do you like to do it?

Do you exercise? If not why not?

What time do you get up in the morning?

Do you go to a gym? If not why not?



What do you eat for breakfast?

Do you eat breakfast? If not why not?

What do you eat for lunch and dinner?

When do you have your meals?

What sort of snacks do you like to eat?

Do you drink? If so how many times a week?

Do you prepare the weeks meals ahead of time?

Do you eat at your desk?



What do you work as?

Where do you work?

If you were to change jobs for one that has a much better work and life balance would you do it?

What are your hobbies?

How much water do you drink a day?

Are you happy?

Are you in a stable relationship?

Do you have many friends?

How many hours do you sleep at night?

Do you drink alcohol? If so how many times a week do you drink?



Well there you have it! Here’s to a happier and healthier 2018!




The Darkest Hour

The Darkest Hour is a movie about Winston Churchill’s time in Parliament and how he changed the world. It is set in World war 2 in Britain where the British troops are fighting France and Germany.


The movie is directed by Joe Wright who directed Atonement.

Gary Oldman stars as Winston Churchill and he does a brilliant job of playing a man who defies all odds and wants to “Conquer All” He has a few friends and a few enemies. The movie is all about negotiations with Germany and making peace or fighting for freedom and liberalism.  In the end he decides to fight against all odds and change history forever.

Lily James was great as Elizabeth Layton. She was emotional and was Winston’s secretary. Winston confided in her a bit.

Kristin Scott Thomas played Clementine his wife who was emotional at times.

Do see the movie when it comes out on January 11th.

What is my most Darkest Hour/year and how did I go about changing this?

My most Darkest year is in 2014 where my close cousin died due to cancer and I put on 20 kgs of weight. And that is not in a good way. I think most of you would resonate with the second one. Being a food blogger and being number 1 at the time, I was eating too much food. I was also being invited to potluck parties and didn’t understand the relationship between food and boy

At the end of 2014 I joined the gym and in 2016 ran my first half marathon and had lots of fun. I beat against all odds. Now I have the confidence to run a fair few races. Now I also would love to inspire people to become a happier healthier version of themselves.

In 2018 I would like to apply for the Churchill foundation in hopes that I will reduce the rate of obesity in Australia and turn Australia into a much happier and healthier place.