Why you should donate to the Salvos XMAS appeal

Every year the Salvos need your support. There are thousands of people who go without during Christmas. During this time the Salvos are busy with those who cannot afford the Christmas festivities. Christmas can be a very lonely and vulnerable time for those with no means.


In Australia it is summer and as such homeless people don’t have access to showers. They come to the library smelling of all sorts. On the tram, they smell. On the tram, they cannot pay for the days travel. The big Umbrella sees about 200 people in any one given day.

In the summer they find it hard to survive and many of them end up dehydrated.

The Salvos Xmas Appeal is on again this year and there are a few ways to donate. One of them is by the KMART wishing tree appeal.


Or another way is to donate $10 for a meal for someone in need. This year they are doing 100,000 meals program where every $10 you give is one meal for someone who is homeless. You can pick how many meals you would like to donate.

Or you can volunteer your time at any of the Salvos stores or one of their programs. You can also volunteer at the cafe if you like. On any given weekday, the cafe sees around 200-300 people.

Also, the Salvation Army will be out in the city collecting donations and wrapping gifts. So if you have any spare change to give that would be awesome.

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Do donate in the many meaningful ways that you can

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