Why we are running for Breast Cancer Network’s Fun Run

Breast cancer is a huge issue for women in Australia. Some of them cannot afford treatment such as International students and the homeless. We are raising money to help the Breast cancer network find an affordable solution for all by doing this fun run.

The Carmen’s fun run is on the 3rd of December and its all about finding an affordable solution for breast cancer.


Here they have a 5/10 and 21km run which is done in St Kilda at the iconic beach. The race is really fun albeit warm. At the end there are some freebies for runners from some of the amazing sponsors.

Although we are raising money for the homeless, we found that most of the homeless are women fleeing domestic violence. And then most of these people are on low incomes and cannot afford the necessary treatment for themselves. Most of them at some point end up with breast cancer.

Homeless people are often exposed to smoke and other toxins such as alcohol on a daily basis and this can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Here’s where we come in.

We help find an affordable cure for all women- whether rich or poor. As such we aim to have $500 raised by the time the race is on.

Donating is easy. All you have to do is go to this website and choose how much you would like to donate.

You can pay via Paypal or Credit card and your information will be secure.

Thanks very much for the donation

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