Melbourne Marathon: A race recap with Q+A

Melbourne Marathon has been around for 40 years and this year was just awesome. But of course, I got lost on the course along the way.  It was a nice sunny day and this year there were freebies.

Of course with 30000+runners it was chaos everywhere. People were doing the wrong thing. In Ironman you get punished for this with a blue, yellow or a red card. I wish that there was a race official on a bike who roams around. Someone was looking for them.

How did I do on the run?

Not bad for 5 hrs except I skipped a couple of spots accidentally. I think someone was supposed to hand me my slow wristband to do the slow course.

So what went wrong?

Woke up late for a start at 5:20am. And then had to rush to get out of the house. No time for quality breakfast

Ate too much fiber by accident leading into the event so had some stomach problems. These were throwing up after a hard race and lots of poo.

Went out too quickly in the first 21km so I had to walk the second half of the marathon.

Didn’t sleep well the days leading up to it

What can I do better for next time?

Not have too much fiber in the days leading up to a big race

Study the course map more closely. Then I don’t get the wrong direction. I thought I did.

Don’t go in the wrong pace group. I did and that’s how I got out too fast. There was no signage and even if there was it was blocked by some runner.

Wake up at the right time. Have a much better night’s sleep a few nights before the race.

Meditate and yoga is important for good nights sleep.


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