Triathlon training week 4

My flatmate says: “Don’t do a triathlon, you don’t know how to swim or bike!”

Me: “Happy to learn both!”

Actually I found out that my gym offers swimming lessons to people that don’t know how to swim! My gym has a pool and if I can start there great.

My spin cycle sessions are going just fine. I biked about 20km in just under an hour. If I can keep this up then great.  And then I also found out that there are bike lessons some of which are covered by Bicycle Network.

Then I practiced the arm techniques for the swim whilst walking. I can do them for about 10 mins out of an hour and I need to hold my own for an hour. I have been practicing weights and deadlifts at the gym. In the water, you need to hold your own.

Friday’s run was all about acclimatizing to the heat. To that, I had some problem as it was very warm in the mid 20’s. We weren’t used to that as spring was very cold. Hence I ran very slow to South Yarra and I coughed up a bit of saliva known as lactate acid.

Saw a lot of people training for the Ironman now and biking in Maribynong park. Next year that will be me.

Then on Sunday, it was 27C. I did just fine acclimatizing to the heat but had some troubles at the end. I was itchy from all the sweating. On Saturday I practiced drinking lots. I did 34km and I need to have more potassium. I also forgot my hat and my sunscreen. But luckily the aid stations along the way had some so I was able to use it.

Then there was the City 2 sea run and the event village. Here they had infused water which was good for hydrating me. They also had free orange juice and icy poles. I liked this as I was able to hydrate during the run.

In St Kilda, there were lots more foot traffic than usual. Hence I had to go slow in some parts particularly Acland St.

At the end of the run decided to try out Cola and hot dog. I listened to the Ironman briefing last night and they said that cola was offered at the aid stations. So had to try it.

Lunch was a vegan burger at Lentils and as per usual, I love this style as it is nutritious.

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