Triathlon week 3

Here we did do boxing in order to strengthen the arms for the swim start. If I was to do Ironman I would inspire many others to do the same thing as me and hopefully, the government will start to see that we need to crack down on obesity. In Melbourne the obesity rate is bad. And there are many reasons why people are obese such as disability among other things. Maybe someone has lost a loved one.

During boxing, I was clumsy for the first time and the second time. But with time my skills will improve.

Did a few short runs this week, mainly to South Melbourne and South Melbourne Market since it has been a while since I last went? Whilst there, I tried some wines in time for Christmas.

On Tuesday I picked up my race gels from this place in South Melbourne that has discount days.

On Wednesday went back to the Hamodava to revisit old roots and remember why I am doing the triathlon. And why I did the Marathon. It wasn’t easy to revisit the old roots as I kept putting this off for a while.

Then Sunday’s long run was around St Kilda and featured the Bloody long walk as a part of it. Here we did our own Bloody long walk which started at Maribyrnong park and ended at Southern cross. Here we went past Docklands and on to this bridge that connects Docklands and Port Melbourne. I had no idea that this bridge existed. Much of Docklands seemed quieter given that it was a sunny Sunday.

But Port Melbourne was really hectic though. Here everyone was going for brunch or to the beach.

The Bloody long walkers were really slow. But I didn’t mind as I was slow also. At times I felt energetic.

Lunch wasn’t at Lentils but was at About Life in Port Melbourne. Lunch was vegetarian as always. Here I had brown rice, potatoes and potato skin and mixed vegetables.

At the end due to my period, I was out of breath. I had forgotten my usual nutritional things so had to buy some and ended up buying this cheeseymite scroll from Woolies.

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