Kingsman: The Golden Circle

I saw this movie at Village Cinemas thanks to Entertainment book. And I got to say that the movie is really good in teaching us runners a few things about being motivated.


“Use what you know in training. Remember your training!” is the movie’s motto.


The movie starts at the Kingsman tailor which is the headquarters for all the spy activity. But halfway through the movie it gets blown up along with the Eggy’s house and his friends die. His friend and dog were in that house.

Another stand out actor was Mark Strong. He was good at taking charge of the situation and commanding the team. In life we need to take charge of ourselves and our team. Harry was a little bit conflicted this time. In his mind there were butterflies and throughout this whole entire time he acted like the mole. Don’t get me wrong- he isn’t the mole. Harry was placed inside this room where he studies butterflies. I think the butterflies in this case means chaos and confusion. Near the end Harry shoots Whiskey for reasons unknown.

There were blue veins featured in the movie from the drugs that the evil and sadistic Poppy uses on people. There is chaos at the hospitals as Poppy had caused that.

And of course there is the normal sex scenes and martini drinks.  And the normal travelling to and from places. But the martini drinks were bought from the Statesman bar in the US.

The special effects were really good. I enjoyed seeing the car chase at the start and then the room fill with water.

Do go and see the movie as it is in cinemas now.

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