The great cycle challenge

I aim to do 250- 300km this month.


Here the cycle challenge can be done indoors or outdoors. I chose the latter.

The Great Cycle Challenge is all about helping find a cure for kids cancer. It is free to join and easy to sign up. Some people go all the way and do 650km in a month. Now that is hard for me as I am also doing the Melbourne Marathon.

I am doing this challenge in order to start training for Ironman as you need the stamina for the 90km bike ride.

So far it is going good. And I am feeling great completing it. Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation but I get there in the end.

In the end I have finished and now want to do 300 km in November. I didn’t raise any money but I felt great doing it.

If the opportunity arises again next year, I would do it and I suggest you do too.

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