Remember your why


My housemate as such says “You don’t need to train much” or “Why don’t you give up?” That is a good motivator for me to think about why I’m doing this and my races.

Why I run and train instead of coming home and enjoying dinner at the right time is to influence the community. The community as a whole are generally unfit and spend long hours at work. And they don’t make the right choices.

Running and blogging about my runs helps to inspire the community as a whole. It helps me to inspire those that love to sit on the couch time after time to get up and move. When my friends and flatmates see my medals they congratulate me. When strangers see my medals I also get congratulated too. That is the nicest feeling about running and training.

When I train I discover new things about myself and the places that I go to. On a nice sunny day running is very meditating.

When someone my photo on Instagram I am happy and that is what inspired me to keep going. I am happy when someone follows me as they are inspired by what I do.

One day I hope to make some money by making someone very happy and very fit. We don’t go to work for the money; we do it for the pleasure. We do it to help someone become a better version of themselves.

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