How to survive the XMAS party season

Every XMAS season people put on weight and then come January people want to lose the weight. So here’s how to not put on weight this XMAS season and still enjoy the parties. Every XMAS season you will get invited to parties. In Australia it is summer and there is bound to be very warmContinue reading “How to survive the XMAS party season”


Week six of the triathlon

I found a way to find out my hydration levels and how much water I need. Runners connect have this tool for us to work out the hydration. And yes orange juice and vegetables is a good way for hydration. This week has been really hot with temperatures in the mid 30’s. Here I sweatContinue reading “Week six of the triathlon”

Why you should donate to the Salvos XMAS appeal

Every year the Salvos need your support. There are thousands of people who go without during Christmas. During this time the Salvos are busy with those who cannot afford the Christmas festivities. Christmas can be a very lonely and vulnerable time for those with no means. In Australia it is summer and as such homelessContinue reading “Why you should donate to the Salvos XMAS appeal”

Triathlon training week 5

Australia voted YES! Yippee that means we can love and marry whoever we want regardless of gender. That’s if the law gets passed through parliament. I can marry my girlfriend if they love me and I love them. NO discrimination now! I’ve lost a toenail. It was not painful just bad. It has been warmContinue reading “Triathlon training week 5”

Why we are running for Breast Cancer Network’s Fun Run

Breast cancer is a huge issue for women in Australia. Some of them cannot afford treatment such as International students and the homeless. We are raising money to help the Breast cancer network find an affordable solution for all by doing this fun run. The Carmen’s fun run is on the 3rd of December andContinue reading “Why we are running for Breast Cancer Network’s Fun Run”

Melbourne Marathon: A race recap with Q+A

Melbourne Marathon has been around for 40 years and this year was just awesome. But of course, I got lost on the course along the way.  It was a nice sunny day and this year there were freebies. Of course with 30000+runners it was chaos everywhere. People were doing the wrong thing. In Ironman youContinue reading “Melbourne Marathon: A race recap with Q+A”

Picnic and tea at Hanging rock

Hanging rock is in Macedon near Woodend and it’s near Woodend station. There are no buses from Hanging rock to the station. You have to either get an Uber or get someone to pick you up from there. It costs $10 to park there or enter and you pay at the ticket dispensing machines atContinue reading “Picnic and tea at Hanging rock”

Apple Cider Vinegar

I got this bottle of Apple Cider vinegar from Coles and did not have to pay for it thanks to Coles. Apple cider vinegar has been around for a while and it’s said that they cure a lot of diseases. It is also useful for cleaning but I never tried it like that. It isContinue reading “Apple Cider Vinegar”

Triathlon training week 4

My flatmate says: “Don’t do a triathlon, you don’t know how to swim or bike!” Me: “Happy to learn both!” Actually I found out that my gym offers swimming lessons to people that don’t know how to swim! My gym has a pool and if I can start there great. My spin cycle sessions areContinue reading “Triathlon training week 4”

Crumbs Organic Bakehouse

This place is in Ascot Vale and they are known to do the best pizza. They are on a tram line and you can catch the 57 tram from the city to this place. Everything here is under $15 and most of the food is under $10. It is cash only. Their coffees are hugeContinue reading “Crumbs Organic Bakehouse”

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