How to survive the XMAS party season

Every XMAS season people put on weight and then come January people want to lose the weight. So here’s how to not put on weight this XMAS season and still enjoy the parties.

Every XMAS season you will get invited to parties. In Australia it is summer and there is bound to be very warm days. Most people get dehydrated by this stage.

Here are some tips to help you survive the silly seasonInstagramCapture_b66c0ec1-d79c-4841-bf0a-92d0c175ae17

Have potluck parties

Potluck parties means that everyone brings something to the table whether it would be chips or something healthy. I would chose the latter.

Eat something before you go out

Outside food has a lot more calories and is not as nutritious as homecooked food. It can be a small snack. Hopefully if you have been using myfitnesspal all year you would know how many calories are in each food

Don’t forget your exercise goals.

Make sure that you do your regular exercise each day no matter what. Even better still, why not involve the whole family? It can be as simple as a walk or backyard cricket, runs or if you have a pool why not a swim.


Nothing worse than turning up to a party drunk. It is recommended that for every 25 kg you weigh you drink 1L of water. And if it is a really warm day you drink another 1L of water.

Don’t overdo the alcohol

I know alcohol is nice but if you overdo it you can end up drunk and maybe having to go to the hospital. Drunk people are known to be aggressive.

In short: know your limits

And yes alcohol has calories in each drink!

Week six of the triathlon

I found a way to find out my hydration levels and how much water I need. Runners connect have this tool for us to work out the hydration. And yes orange juice and vegetables is a good way for hydration.

This week has been really hot with temperatures in the mid 30’s. Here I sweat a lot hence the hydration plan.

Tuesday’s run was slow and hot. The bike session was just ok. There was also a stretching session beforehand where I did lots of strength work.

The run on Wednesday was a bit better but it involved wine. I ran to Pinocchio’s just after 6pm. By then there was a bit of a crowd. Before then I burned a lot more during the bike session.

Friday’s run was a lot better. Although not hot but mild, I threw up in the end due to eating just before the race.

Beginning to hate the guy who says that I should cancel everything and not do a triathlon. Hello who are you to tell me that when there might be some free bike lessons for students next year? It took me a while to learn how to run and I can do it.

Why you should donate to the Salvos XMAS appeal

Every year the Salvos need your support. There are thousands of people who go without during Christmas. During this time the Salvos are busy with those who cannot afford the Christmas festivities. Christmas can be a very lonely and vulnerable time for those with no means.


In Australia it is summer and as such homeless people don’t have access to showers. They come to the library smelling of all sorts. On the tram, they smell. On the tram, they cannot pay for the days travel. The big Umbrella sees about 200 people in any one given day.

In the summer they find it hard to survive and many of them end up dehydrated.

The Salvos Xmas Appeal is on again this year and there are a few ways to donate. One of them is by the KMART wishing tree appeal.


Or another way is to donate $10 for a meal for someone in need. This year they are doing 100,000 meals program where every $10 you give is one meal for someone who is homeless. You can pick how many meals you would like to donate.

Or you can volunteer your time at any of the Salvos stores or one of their programs. You can also volunteer at the cafe if you like. On any given weekday, the cafe sees around 200-300 people.

Also, the Salvation Army will be out in the city collecting donations and wrapping gifts. So if you have any spare change to give that would be awesome.

And if you want discount offers to use all year around you can purchase an Entertainment book from us.

Do donate in the many meaningful ways that you can

Triathlon training week 5

Australia voted YES! Yippee that means we can love and marry whoever we want regardless of gender. That’s if the law gets passed through parliament. I can marry my girlfriend if they love me and I love them. NO discrimination now!

I’ve lost a toenail. It was not painful just bad.

It has been warm this week and as such have been itchy. I’ve watched some of the Youtube recaps of Ironman and gosh it can be hard. But in the end they got there and that’s what I want too.

Burnt 582 calories on the bike and biked 34km within 90 mins. I need to do more than that. I sweated throughout that session on a 34C day.

Ran today in the heat and found that I do need to modify my diet. I had diarrhea at the end and it was painful. I found that it takes a lot of time to acclimatise to the heat. Last year I learned that I did not eat enough things with potassium in it. Hence my skin dried out and it got all lumpy. Hopefully this summer I would have enough potassium so that my skin does not go all lumpy.

But went to the Community grocer in Fitzroy and they do love their healthy food. Tried lots of veg at their Veg out Garden. Going running encouraged me to explore new places and appreciate the organic shops a lot more. I love trying things organic- albeit expensive.

Wednesday’s ride was 22km with 405 calories burnt. Afterwards I went to Lord of the fries and a new store in Hawthorn.

Friday’s run was just ok. During the run I had a Jack Daniels boubon and coke and after my run vomitted violently. Now I should save the alcohol for after the race and not during. It was 26C and not very sunny. I am a heavy sweater when I run.

At the gym I can almost reach the monkey bars. Balance in a triathlon is so important.

Sunday’s long run took us to Abbotsford lentils and back to the city. It was a 28C day and it was hills hence I was a little bit slower. Stopped at Kitty burns for juice which was $8. I went back to the city via Chapel st.

At the start of the run it was a bit slow as there were many walkers on the Maribynong river.

Sunday’s run ended with some stretches and the Vietnamese festival at Crown.


Why we are running for Breast Cancer Network’s Fun Run

Breast cancer is a huge issue for women in Australia. Some of them cannot afford treatment such as International students and the homeless. We are raising money to help the Breast cancer network find an affordable solution for all by doing this fun run.

The Carmen’s fun run is on the 3rd of December and its all about finding an affordable solution for breast cancer.


Here they have a 5/10 and 21km run which is done in St Kilda at the iconic beach. The race is really fun albeit warm. At the end there are some freebies for runners from some of the amazing sponsors.

Although we are raising money for the homeless, we found that most of the homeless are women fleeing domestic violence. And then most of these people are on low incomes and cannot afford the necessary treatment for themselves. Most of them at some point end up with breast cancer.

Homeless people are often exposed to smoke and other toxins such as alcohol on a daily basis and this can increase the risk of breast cancer.

Here’s where we come in.

We help find an affordable cure for all women- whether rich or poor. As such we aim to have $500 raised by the time the race is on.

Donating is easy. All you have to do is go to this website and choose how much you would like to donate.

You can pay via Paypal or Credit card and your information will be secure.

Thanks very much for the donation

Melbourne Marathon: A race recap with Q+A

Melbourne Marathon has been around for 40 years and this year was just awesome. But of course, I got lost on the course along the way.  It was a nice sunny day and this year there were freebies.

Of course with 30000+runners it was chaos everywhere. People were doing the wrong thing. In Ironman you get punished for this with a blue, yellow or a red card. I wish that there was a race official on a bike who roams around. Someone was looking for them.

How did I do on the run?

Not bad for 5 hrs except I skipped a couple of spots accidentally. I think someone was supposed to hand me my slow wristband to do the slow course.

So what went wrong?

Woke up late for a start at 5:20am. And then had to rush to get out of the house. No time for quality breakfast

Ate too much fiber by accident leading into the event so had some stomach problems. These were throwing up after a hard race and lots of poo.

Went out too quickly in the first 21km so I had to walk the second half of the marathon.

Didn’t sleep well the days leading up to it

What can I do better for next time?

Not have too much fiber in the days leading up to a big race

Study the course map more closely. Then I don’t get the wrong direction. I thought I did.

Don’t go in the wrong pace group. I did and that’s how I got out too fast. There was no signage and even if there was it was blocked by some runner.

Wake up at the right time. Have a much better night’s sleep a few nights before the race.

Meditate and yoga is important for good nights sleep.


Picnic and tea at Hanging rock

Hanging rock is in Macedon near Woodend and it’s near Woodend station. There are no buses from Hanging rock to the station. You have to either get an Uber or get someone to pick you up from there. It costs $10 to park there or enter and you pay at the ticket dispensing machines at the ground.

Here everything is lovely once you get inside and it can be quite meditating going on those walks. Of course dogs are not allowed on the Summit trail but they can be elsewhere.

Here the teas are lovely in their little small countryside cafe. I would have love to have my tea with jam and scones. I had a green tea.

You order and pay inside the gift store and then you can opt to sit in the cafe. They also have their award winning wines and winery but I never got to go there. I just didn’t have time.

I had a lovely time having a picnic lunch here and many thanks to friends for bringing me.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I got this bottle of Apple Cider vinegar from Coles and did not have to pay for it thanks to Coles.


Apple cider vinegar has been around for a while and it’s said that they cure a lot of diseases. It is also useful for cleaning but I never tried it like that.

It is supposed to cure weight loss and curb sugar cravings. It has that sourness and bitter tang to it. I didn’t lose much weight but I lost some of that bloating associated with PMS.

You take one teaspoon of the cider and dilute it with water.  If you don’t dilute it with water it will have this burning sensation in your throat. Here it worked really well and I was addicted to this stuff. It is like the Aloe vera in which it cleanses your digestive system.

If you don’t like the sourness of the vinegar, you can add honey to it. Though I never tried it.

I can also add it to salads as a dressing. I can also add it to oatmeal for flavoring.

After a while of having this four times a week, I started going to the bathroom more. I started feeling a lot cleaner. I still have PMS but not as much.

As a runner, I started recovering a lot faster. It used to take a few days to recover from a long run of 30+ km but now it takes just a day to do so.

This is a great choice for those that don’t like water much. It encourages people to drink more particularly in the summer when it is hot.


Triathlon training week 4

My flatmate says: “Don’t do a triathlon, you don’t know how to swim or bike!”

Me: “Happy to learn both!”

Actually I found out that my gym offers swimming lessons to people that don’t know how to swim! My gym has a pool and if I can start there great.

My spin cycle sessions are going just fine. I biked about 20km in just under an hour. If I can keep this up then great.  And then I also found out that there are bike lessons some of which are covered by Bicycle Network.

Then I practiced the arm techniques for the swim whilst walking. I can do them for about 10 mins out of an hour and I need to hold my own for an hour. I have been practicing weights and deadlifts at the gym. In the water, you need to hold your own.

Friday’s run was all about acclimatizing to the heat. To that, I had some problem as it was very warm in the mid 20’s. We weren’t used to that as spring was very cold. Hence I ran very slow to South Yarra and I coughed up a bit of saliva known as lactate acid.

Saw a lot of people training for the Ironman now and biking in Maribynong park. Next year that will be me.

Then on Sunday, it was 27C. I did just fine acclimatizing to the heat but had some troubles at the end. I was itchy from all the sweating. On Saturday I practiced drinking lots. I did 34km and I need to have more potassium. I also forgot my hat and my sunscreen. But luckily the aid stations along the way had some so I was able to use it.

Then there was the City 2 sea run and the event village. Here they had infused water which was good for hydrating me. They also had free orange juice and icy poles. I liked this as I was able to hydrate during the run.

In St Kilda, there were lots more foot traffic than usual. Hence I had to go slow in some parts particularly Acland St.

At the end of the run decided to try out Cola and hot dog. I listened to the Ironman briefing last night and they said that cola was offered at the aid stations. So had to try it.

Lunch was a vegan burger at Lentils and as per usual, I love this style as it is nutritious.

Crumbs Organic Bakehouse

This place is in Ascot Vale and they are known to do the best pizza. They are on a tram line and you can catch the 57 tram from the city to this place.

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Everything here is under $15 and most of the food is under $10. It is cash only. Their coffees are huge and stellar. Service is really friendly with a smile and they are happy to answer any questions you might have about their food.

Here their vegetarian pizzas are made on site. They are square and big for $4 per slice. Outside you would buy a slice and they won’t have much nutritional goodness in there.

I really love the olive and red onion one as that is the best pizza in town. And they don’t use a lot of wheat in their breads. Rather it is rice flour.

I have had their buns before too and they are lovely.

I have had their spinach and feta filo pastry and it is just divine. Here the pastry was piping hot and just like the way my mother would make this at home except bigger and it was $5.

Do go and visit this little gem in Ascot Vale and take home some baked goods as well.

Find them at:

170 Union Road, Ascot Vale, Melbourne