Triathlon training week 1

Well, I was sore from the marathon for a little while. I went out too quickly in yesterday’s marathon and paid the price which is sore legs. And vomiting

I am hoping to get a good result in 2019 Ironman 70.3 in Geelong.  For a start, I looked at the rulings for it and geez they are strict. I wish that Melbourne Marathon was strict as. Many people in yesterday’s marathon had earphones in their ears and the traffic there was chaos.  If there was a marshall there to direct the traffic flow it would have been a lot easier. Also, I was in the wrong position at the start line which means that I went out much faster than I should have. I should have been right at the back and there should have been waves like the half marathon and that would have been easier.

I was directed to go the wrong way and take a shortcut (which is to skip Point Ormond and Birdwood Ave by accident). I was meant to get a slow runner wristband but that never happened. Emailed them today and they said they will change the result. Luckily though I was being truthful about it.

Researched the gear that I need to have and the cost is close to $6000. The bike alone costs $2000-$3000 and then the bathing suit is about $50-$100 (I’m planning on having two so it would be $200 approx). And then the wetsuit is about $400-$500. Riding shoes are about $150 and runners are about $150 also. Ironman fees are around $300-$400. I’m hoping to get some of the equipment for Christmas and birthdays and just general gifts.

Tuesday’s session of yoga was not so good. After last weekend’s marathon, my balance has gone to zilch. Hopefully, I can turn this around.

Wednesday’s run was an easy 5-6km around South Melbourne.

Watched the Karate Kid for motivation. I loved the way he fights for justice.

My transition times at my locker at Fitness first is about ten minutes. That is transitioning from bike to run. I wonder how much harder it will be for the swim to bike.

A triathlon bike can cost $2000-$3000 and I really want to get a good bike. But first I need to learn how to ride one. I was thinking of hiring a bike for a little while in the city and using the bike hire service.

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