How to get others to support you during your runs and training season

Getting a loved one to support you is really hard. That is, unless they are into running, triathlon training or fitness. We have all been there at some point with them saying, ” Do you have to train all the time?” That can be a bit of a struggle coming from a non-runner.

But it doesn’t have to be the end all of the relationships. Ever since starting marathon training, getting support from a loved one who doesn’t do the race has been a bit of a struggle. It was from taking the time to do the training and getting the extra funds for the race.

It is a common theme amongst runners and the running community.


For a start, you could get them to watch you at your races. That is if they are free on that weekend. Another way could be in terms of food. They could offer you heaps more food or offer to cook for you. I like to tell my loved ones as to how many kms I ran during my long runs. Running is what makes me feel happy and whilst it inconveniences them it is not the end all. Talk to them about it.

After a while, they will come around and get the hang of the running obsession. I know my friend did, but my dad is a completely different story.

If they come to watch you at races-a support placard would be nice. If not, just seeing them is fine. Nowadays there are apps and live sites so that they can track you. Just let them know.

Do tell them when your training season is on. For me, the peak period would be between August and October and then for triathlon Dec to the middle of February.

Don’t forget to schedule time to see them after the race.

Remember to thank them. A little thank you card is a great way. Or better still if you have the funds do treat to a nice meal.

Don’t forget to show them your medal so that they can be proud of you.

Do make some friends who are into gym or fitness as much as you are so that you are not alone.

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