Garmin Forerunner 235

I got this watch from Rebel Sport. It is normally $496 but I got it during their online sale for $288. With four installments from Afterpay it is $72 per fortnight.

Friends say that this watch is really efficient and great for runners. So we put it to the test.


I got in the mail at no extra cost as Rebel delivers it free for purchases over $150. It comes with a charger and manual. Its easy to charge. All you do is clip it and then insert the USB into a computer or wall plug. I have several wall plugs from Cygnett and a power bank.

It fits really well on tiny wrists which is great.

With the Garmin Forerunner, you can do so many things and its important for runners to be able to do so. Things like monitoring your heart rate whilst exercising as well as monitoring sleep. I am bad at sleeping sometimes and this is a great way to monitor patterns.

Now you can install an app to connect the watch to your phone or you can do it on the computer. I chose the latter since I have an older version of Windows for my phone. On the computer, you can see your VO2 Max. Mine is 40 which is fair.

They have interval exercises which you can do and record. You can save your record for next time.

My resting heart rate is between 50-70 rpm and my workout heart rate is between 120-180 rpm. They have different categories for the heart rate. My running cadence is between 130-160 steps per minute. Online you can see the elevation gains and route map.

Online you can join in the many running challenges and fun stuff. You can challenge your friends and they can challenge you.

And if you aren’t moving the watch will prompt you to do so with a beep and a vibration.

On the computer, you can see how many calories you burnt by walking or running. I usually burn around 500-800 calories just by walking and that’s not including any other thing


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