Week 50 of the Marathon

Today’s run of 6km between Smith st and the City have been good. I think it’s because of all the stretching that I do.

Today’s bike session at gym school of 381 calories was not too bad. Here I rode 20km for the Great Cycle Challenge.

During yoga, I found it really hard to balance and I couldn’t balance properly.

Ate a huge piece of cake at Friends of the earth as well as their yummy muesli slice. Love both.

Tried the protein drinks out at gym school and it was not too bad. But I didn’t like the taste of one much.

Then Wednesday’s run I was easily tired. Don’t know if it is PMS or what. But then I had pasta for dinner and it was not too bad.

Ran a little bit on Friday, felt much better but felt a bit sore in the legs due to PMS. So had to take some painkillers.

I had a buffet dinner so lots of everything!

On Sunday ran 25km from Maribynong park to Commercial Road.We took the usual St Kilda Road, St Kilda, and Point Ormond and then back to the city. Except I lost a lot of iron and found it hard to focus. I found it really hard to run fast. If it had not been for the Nurofen, I might have given up easily. Also Around the bay was on, hence it was a slow run in St Kilda as there were many riders.

It was really warm- namely a 26C day.

Lunch was at Lentils as per usual and I had a Yellow chickpea curry.

Tried a Frosty fruit icy pole and found that it was not as sweet as the Calippo. Also got a free gluten free cherry slice and a free cake slice at the Around the bay as they gave them out to members and riders alike. Members of the Bicycle network got free food and cheap beer today. As part of the bike training that I will do for the Ironman in 2019, I have signed up for Bicycle Victoria.

Why I am not doing taper period!

Yes I know I’m supposed to be tapering. But as a fitness student learning in a gym and trying to get new clients I cannot. A P/T cannot cancel on their clients just because they run a marathon. Many of the P/Ts in my gym run races but they don’t quit on their customers.

In our world, customers are everything. Most people just want to lose the weight. So we have to try and do everything we can (even its outside the box) to attracts customers.

So I am eating more proteins and bars to compensate for this. And other things too.

And yes I am more fiber in my diet.

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