Friends of the Earth cafe

I have been here a few times and enjoy their organic foods. This cafe is located along Smith st.

Here they are run by volunteers.

The food is seasonal meaning that you’ll get the best quality for food and your health. Here they have cheap food and drinks. My tea was only $4. I ran to this store from the city.

They cater for a vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free diet.

Here they use everything that is biodegradable. This is great for the environment. And they don’t waste anything. Here the meals change each day and so does the bread,

You can use your own jar for filling up the goods. The goods on offer are teas barley, nuts, oats etc.

The other day the volunteer gave me free cake. It was at the end of the day that I went and I had my usual tea and muesli slice. The cake was homemade by a company called Crumbs bakery and it was yummy. It was not too sweet and it was gluten-free

The muesli slice as a takeaway was quite nice too. It was nutty and had the right amount of good fats in there. Which is what women need.

Do come by to Friends of the Earth Cafe

Find it at: 312 Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne

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