Week 49 of the marathon

” Do you have to train every day you are out?” says my housemate.

I say “Yes!”

Tuesday’s short run didn’t go so well. I tire easily. But saw the Grand Final atmosphere in the city and South Melbourne and it had gone wild. Burnt 374 calories on the bike.

Am trying to add more fiber into my diet. So far so good. When I don’t have enough fiber I cannot fart or get rid of waste quickly and waste builds up inside.

Then Wednesday’s run was much better and it ended much better with a bike ride. Burnt 401 calories this time around.

Then Thursdays run of 15km was really good. I felt really energetic after adding more fiber into my diet. But then I kept farting and peeing- a sign of my body getting used to the more fiber. On Friday I peed my pants- a sign that things are moving.

On Friday on the bike, I burnt 300 calories for 45 mins- a bit of a downer from the last time. I think it’s because I had not enough good fats and some alcohol before.

I’m trying this thing known as heat therapy to help relax the muscles. My heat therapy is to have the heater on right near me and its worked fine. I am much more relaxed.

Sunday’s long run of 36km started slow. It was the start of daylight savings and so clocks here in Aus go forward an hour. It was 17C and partly showery. We started at Maribyrnong park and ended at Southern Cross.  We went past Haymarket, Queen Victoria market, the city, St Kilda Road, Fitzroy St, St Kilda markets, Acland St, Point Ormond, Beaconsfield Parade and then back to the city.

There was the Mid Autumn festival and since it was dumpling week I got a mixture of prawn and xiaolongbao for $10. A bit pricey for a small plate I think. But I got some samples.

After my run, I went back to the gym and did some stretching and weights.

I peed my pants for the second time and that was at Mt Alexander Road whilst waiting for the tram. There were no toilets around.


The comedy show

I was invited to this by Weekend notes. Here it was a funny comedy about life in Australia. Not many people went to this show but it was a part of the Melbourne Fringe festival.

The comedian was engaging. We thoroughly enjoyed his show and the show featured feelings and a gay wedding.

Here the show went on for 50 minutes but they started late. Whilst there I enjoyed an ale and some cheese and mac. The ale really enhanced my enjoyment of the show,


Some reflections on the year

The marathon has taught us to be more appreciative of the issues surrounding the society that we live in. Things like homelessness and mental issues we don’t take for granted. As runners, we are exposed to such things whether it would be in Brunswick St, South Melbourne or St Kilda. Or the CBD for that matter.

We also learned a bit more about the obesity crisis and that it targets the people on low incomes. If we race next year we’ll be able to delve more into this problem.

We also learned better ways of eating healthily. for example not eating too much sugar and eating intuitively rather than by habit. We also learned about incorporating more potassium into our diet as well as vegetables.

Victoria is growing fast and without the stealth of information on how to live cheaply and healthily, people will become fatter and die younger. Avalon and Geelong are the fastest growing regions in the west.

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