Take your irons please by Akira

Iron is an important nutrient for our body. Without it, we will not function properly and in fact perform poorly in races and training. If you have really low iron you will feel fatigued for most of the day.

Iron helps transport cells and make sure that everything in our body is functioning properly.

I and Katherine suffer from low iron during our runs. Katherine suffers even more as she has periods and loses blood. According to Runners World, we need about 8mg-18mg although we try to have more.

With food try and have lots of red meat, fish, chicken, and eggs. As for vegetarians, it is harder so if you have any suggestions besides dark leafy vegetables and tofu do drop us a line.

Katherine loves molasses but they are not counted in myfitnesspal as such. They do have about 3.5 mg of iron per tablespoon. Also, our Herbalife shakes alone don’t count as much as the red meats. You have to add something such as oats, leafy greens, banana etc.

Discovering your happiness emphasized on the importance of absorbing iron in our body. If we don’t absorb this nutrient properly then we don’t function properly. All sorts of fruits help absorb iron and coffee and tea (some teas) inhibit absorption. Our Herbalife teas hydrate us.

If you have any iron issues its best to see your doctor and they can do a blood test of some sort to work out your ferritin levels before it is too late.


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