Sugar free September 2017


I went Sugar free for a whole month. Going sugar free meant giving up on coke, soft drinks, chocolates and other commercial sweets. I also could not have the commercially made sauces and biscuits for a month. At first I had withdrawal symptoms and then after a few days I was fine.

I loved eating the sweets that the Big Umbrella offered and not seeing them for a few weeks helped me to resist the urge. Also desserts on the menus in restaurants are often too expensive and I did not have the money to buy them.

Instead of coke or lemonade, I had water or wine with food.

I feel much happier without the sugar.

As part of Sugar free I was allowed to have fruit and natural sugars such as molasses. I was also allowed dried apricot. I was also allowed the shakes at Shape up as they include stevia and natural fruits.

Too many people love the artificial sugar and as a result get a whole range of health problems such as pms, diabetes and weight gain. The commercial sugars out there do nothing good for your health.

I went to this year’s Royal Melbourne show and did not buy any food whatsoever. I brought my own in and I was able to avoid the temptation to have sweets or dinner. In fact from what I read on Facebook was that most of the takeaway stalls there often involve sauces which are too sweet.

Some reflections:

  • I always refuse sauces on things such as hotdogs and pies. Food tastes better without sauce.
  • Now I hate the commercial sweets
  • My periods have been better because of the sugar avoidance.
  • I am more energetic and am a better runner without the sugar hit.
  • I can sleep a bit better now.


As for the Sugar free month, I am planning to continue with this throughout the month of October as I find that I can perform in races much better without the added sugar.

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