Stress fractures and how to prevent them

I do get the odd small stress fracture but that goes away easily.


What are stress fractures?

It is the little bone breakage which can cause a lot of pain and in the end, you risk osteoporosis. If you are a female you are at greater risk if you don’t get your period every month. I get my period every month but still, I have concern about it.

What causes them?

Too much running and not enough of the other activities. Too little nutrition as well. As runners we need about 2000-3000 cals per day.

How do I go about preventing them?

  • Eat plenty of food- don’t starve yourself just to lose weight
  • Increase the mileage by 10% each week if you can
  • If you think you have them you should go and see your doctor. Many International students have OHSC so they may be able to claim it back.
  • If you are a female make sure that your body fat is not too low. Make sure that you get your period each month if you can. One skipped period is fine, but two or more and you should see a doctor
  • Make sure that your iron levels are good. Eat more fish, meat, tofu, soy and other iron-rich foods every day.

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