Cheating in races: is it ok?

No it is not ok. We paid and trained hard for races. Ok we may have cheated a little bit but only by a few to get to the finish line. What is race cheating? Race cheating is about taking away another person’s medal/time or entry into Boston. It is about falsifying results by variousContinue reading “Cheating in races: is it ok?”


How to get others to support you during your runs and training season

Getting a loved one to support you is really hard. That is, unless they are into running, triathlon training or fitness. We have all been there at some point with them saying, ” Do you have to train all the time?” That can be a bit of a struggle coming from a non-runner. But itContinue reading “How to get others to support you during your runs and training season”

Triathlon training week 1

Well, I was sore from the marathon for a little while. I went out too quickly in yesterday’s marathon and paid the price which is sore legs. And vomiting I am hoping to get a good result in 2019 Ironman 70.3 in Geelong.  For a start, I looked at the rulings for it and geezContinue reading “Triathlon training week 1”

My November health goals

Guys here are some goals for November to help me to get started on my Ironman journey and to inspire you to become a healthier version of yourself To start training for Ironman- to train for Ironman takes time and patience and a lot of effort. Rebuild my strength and run 100km. I have startedContinue reading “My November health goals”

Garmin Forerunner 235

I got this watch from Rebel Sport. It is normally $496 but I got it during their online sale for $288. With four installments from Afterpay it is $72 per fortnight. Friends say that this watch is really efficient and great for runners. So we put it to the test. I got in the mailContinue reading “Garmin Forerunner 235”

Week 51 of the marathon

Feeling good but nervous. This is my first ever marathon and I aim to be at the 6-7km per hour rate. Which means finishing in 6hrs. That would also mean doing the slow course and not Point Ormond :(. If it comes to that I guess I could skip doing Brunton and do another legContinue reading “Week 51 of the marathon”

Week 50 of the Marathon

Today’s run of 6km between Smith st and the City have been good. I think it’s because of all the stretching that I do. Today’s bike session at gym school of 381 calories was not too bad. Here I rode 20km for the Great Cycle Challenge. During yoga, I found it really hard to balanceContinue reading “Week 50 of the Marathon”

Friends of the Earth cafe

I have been here a few times and enjoy their organic foods. This cafe is located along Smith st. Here they are run by volunteers. The food is seasonal meaning that you’ll get the best quality for food and your health. Here they have cheap food and drinks. My tea was only $4. I ranContinue reading “Friends of the Earth cafe”

MyProtein review

MyProtein is a UK based company which had just started. They are looking for ambassadors to promote their product. I found out about them through the Running heroes site and got a massive 35% discount. Because I ordered on the 21st of August this year I got another 35% ticket for the next order seeingContinue reading “MyProtein review”

Olivia Springs cafe

This is a down to earth cafe in Moonee Ponds. And it is pretty rare to find a health food cafe here. They had been open for three months now. Here they serve breakfast and lunch as well as Vietnamese classics. All without meat of course, but instead mock meat. They have BLT with mockContinue reading “Olivia Springs cafe”

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