Cheating in races: is it ok?

No it is not ok.

We paid and trained hard for races. Ok we may have cheated a little bit but only by a few to get to the finish line.


What is race cheating?

Race cheating is about taking away another person’s medal/time or entry into Boston. It is about falsifying results by various means.

I write about this issue as I have read in articles that this sort of thing is big in the US especially for Boston. Actually I read online that some people cheated in this year’s Melbourne Marathon. Whilst I technically did not complete all the race others found their way to cheat it as I saw in the results.

Earlier that year Jane SEO cheated in her half Marathon at Fort Lauderdale. In the end though she admitted her guilt and was stripped of her medal. It was the same for the guy that took the bus for the last six miles in Wales and took the third place. Well it should have been awarded to the other guy. The other guy missed his chance and was disappointed.

Some people course cutted their way deliberately and others used someone else’s bib to race. Course cutting happens when people miss a section of the course and intention course cutting is cheating. Melbourne Marathon is an International race hence they have strict rules about race transfers and swapping bibs. They also have rules about unauthorized selling online and the officials monitor Gumtree. After the race officials monitor the results and if you miss a timing mat they would likely think that you cheated. According to Marathoninvestigation, the results are monitored with a very close eye.

Why I don’t post photos of my bib online is because there are people that will copy the bib and wear it themselves. Plus my bib has my ID on it. These people have not paid for the resources nor the law enforcement. And they don’t deserve to be on the course.


What happens if you cheat?

If you cheat you will be banned from all races. You will have to give the medal back. If you cheat you will be caught. But if you course cutted (misdirection) by accident as I did then just email the officials and no penalty will be awarded.

Should I cheat in races? The answer is clearly no

How to get others to support you during your runs and training season

Getting a loved one to support you is really hard. That is, unless they are into running, triathlon training or fitness. We have all been there at some point with them saying, ” Do you have to train all the time?” That can be a bit of a struggle coming from a non-runner.

But it doesn’t have to be the end all of the relationships. Ever since starting marathon training, getting support from a loved one who doesn’t do the race has been a bit of a struggle. It was from taking the time to do the training and getting the extra funds for the race.

It is a common theme amongst runners and the running community.


For a start, you could get them to watch you at your races. That is if they are free on that weekend. Another way could be in terms of food. They could offer you heaps more food or offer to cook for you. I like to tell my loved ones as to how many kms I ran during my long runs. Running is what makes me feel happy and whilst it inconveniences them it is not the end all. Talk to them about it.

After a while, they will come around and get the hang of the running obsession. I know my friend did, but my dad is a completely different story.

If they come to watch you at races-a support placard would be nice. If not, just seeing them is fine. Nowadays there are apps and live sites so that they can track you. Just let them know.

Do tell them when your training season is on. For me, the peak period would be between August and October and then for triathlon Dec to the middle of February.

Don’t forget to schedule time to see them after the race.

Remember to thank them. A little thank you card is a great way. Or better still if you have the funds do treat to a nice meal.

Don’t forget to show them your medal so that they can be proud of you.

Do make some friends who are into gym or fitness as much as you are so that you are not alone.

Triathlon training week 1

Well, I was sore from the marathon for a little while. I went out too quickly in yesterday’s marathon and paid the price which is sore legs. And vomiting

I am hoping to get a good result in 2019 Ironman 70.3 in Geelong.  For a start, I looked at the rulings for it and geez they are strict. I wish that Melbourne Marathon was strict as. Many people in yesterday’s marathon had earphones in their ears and the traffic there was chaos.  If there was a marshall there to direct the traffic flow it would have been a lot easier. Also, I was in the wrong position at the start line which means that I went out much faster than I should have. I should have been right at the back and there should have been waves like the half marathon and that would have been easier.

I was directed to go the wrong way and take a shortcut (which is to skip Point Ormond and Birdwood Ave by accident). I was meant to get a slow runner wristband but that never happened. Emailed them today and they said they will change the result. Luckily though I was being truthful about it.

Researched the gear that I need to have and the cost is close to $6000. The bike alone costs $2000-$3000 and then the bathing suit is about $50-$100 (I’m planning on having two so it would be $200 approx). And then the wetsuit is about $400-$500. Riding shoes are about $150 and runners are about $150 also. Ironman fees are around $300-$400. I’m hoping to get some of the equipment for Christmas and birthdays and just general gifts.

Tuesday’s session of yoga was not so good. After last weekend’s marathon, my balance has gone to zilch. Hopefully, I can turn this around.

Wednesday’s run was an easy 5-6km around South Melbourne.

Watched the Karate Kid for motivation. I loved the way he fights for justice.

My transition times at my locker at Fitness first is about ten minutes. That is transitioning from bike to run. I wonder how much harder it will be for the swim to bike.

A triathlon bike can cost $2000-$3000 and I really want to get a good bike. But first I need to learn how to ride one. I was thinking of hiring a bike for a little while in the city and using the bike hire service.

My November health goals

Guys here are some goals for November to help me to get started on my Ironman journey and to inspire you to become a healthier version of yourself


  • To start training for Ironman- to train for Ironman takes time and patience and a lot of effort.
  • Rebuild my strength and run 100km. I have started my long run but nothing much as of yet.
  • Cycle 300km. This is an indoor cycling thing that I want to accomplish over the month of November.
  • Eat more fiber and less sugary foods- I still will want the occasional sugary treat. But I know that having a lot of sugar is bad for you.
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Have no PMS whatsoever

To have no PMS would be awesome. Every month I get this and it can be hard for me to enjoy everyday living without my medication. I get nauseated and tired easily. Hence the next point.

  • Eat more foods containing iron- without iron I cannot function as a runner.
  • Stretch more- as in do more yoga. So far I am enjoying yoga but I want to learn more things.
  • Run two events- by that I mean running the distance. One of them is for chairty.
  • Increase my water intake for summer. In summer runners need to have lots of water.

To help me be accountable for my goals I will be posting results and foods that I have daily on Instagram.

I also have a Garmin Forerunner which will help me to log my running kms online.

At the end of the month I will report back on the goals that I have achieved.

Garmin Forerunner 235

I got this watch from Rebel Sport. It is normally $496 but I got it during their online sale for $288. With four installments from Afterpay it is $72 per fortnight.

Friends say that this watch is really efficient and great for runners. So we put it to the test.


I got in the mail at no extra cost as Rebel delivers it free for purchases over $150. It comes with a charger and manual. Its easy to charge. All you do is clip it and then insert the USB into a computer or wall plug. I have several wall plugs from Cygnett and a power bank.

It fits really well on tiny wrists which is great.

With the Garmin Forerunner, you can do so many things and its important for runners to be able to do so. Things like monitoring your heart rate whilst exercising as well as monitoring sleep. I am bad at sleeping sometimes and this is a great way to monitor patterns.

Now you can install an app to connect the watch to your phone or you can do it on the computer. I chose the latter since I have an older version of Windows for my phone. On the computer, you can see your VO2 Max. Mine is 40 which is fair.

They have interval exercises which you can do and record. You can save your record for next time.

My resting heart rate is between 50-70 rpm and my workout heart rate is between 120-180 rpm. They have different categories for the heart rate. My running cadence is between 130-160 steps per minute. Online you can see the elevation gains and route map.

Online you can join in the many running challenges and fun stuff. You can challenge your friends and they can challenge you.

And if you aren’t moving the watch will prompt you to do so with a beep and a vibration.

On the computer, you can see how many calories you burnt by walking or running. I usually burn around 500-800 calories just by walking and that’s not including any other thing

Week 51 of the marathon

Feeling good but nervous. This is my first ever marathon and I aim to be at the 6-7km per hour rate. Which means finishing in 6hrs. That would also mean doing the slow course and not Point Ormond :(.

If it comes to that I guess I could skip doing Brunton and do another leg from the city to St Kilda at the end.

Tuesday’s run to St Kilda via Port Melbourne of 9km was really good. Felt energized at the end. It was a sunny day.

Wednesday’s run of 8km was slow.

Feeling good on Friday and picked up my race pack which is just the number and t-shirt. Ran around Brunton Ave and the festival today and all was good. In fact, I tried out a few gels. Now I am a little bit nervous for Sunday

I wish that my flatmate would join me next year in running the race. He doesn’t understand the big expenditures and the time and patience.

On race day I imagine myself to be Amy Purdy who is strong and disabled. She has two prosthetic legs. But she is a positive person. She can dance flawlessly. Amy is confident.I can imagine Derek Hough leading her. I feel like that when I train.

Week 50 of the Marathon

Today’s run of 6km between Smith st and the City have been good. I think it’s because of all the stretching that I do.

Today’s bike session at gym school of 381 calories was not too bad. Here I rode 20km for the Great Cycle Challenge.

During yoga, I found it really hard to balance and I couldn’t balance properly.

Ate a huge piece of cake at Friends of the earth as well as their yummy muesli slice. Love both.

Tried the protein drinks out at gym school and it was not too bad. But I didn’t like the taste of one much.

Then Wednesday’s run I was easily tired. Don’t know if it is PMS or what. But then I had pasta for dinner and it was not too bad.

Ran a little bit on Friday, felt much better but felt a bit sore in the legs due to PMS. So had to take some painkillers.

I had a buffet dinner so lots of everything!

On Sunday ran 25km from Maribynong park to Commercial Road.We took the usual St Kilda Road, St Kilda, and Point Ormond and then back to the city. Except I lost a lot of iron and found it hard to focus. I found it really hard to run fast. If it had not been for the Nurofen, I might have given up easily. Also Around the bay was on, hence it was a slow run in St Kilda as there were many riders.

It was really warm- namely a 26C day.

Lunch was at Lentils as per usual and I had a Yellow chickpea curry.

Tried a Frosty fruit icy pole and found that it was not as sweet as the Calippo. Also got a free gluten free cherry slice and a free cake slice at the Around the bay as they gave them out to members and riders alike. Members of the Bicycle network got free food and cheap beer today. As part of the bike training that I will do for the Ironman in 2019, I have signed up for Bicycle Victoria.

Why I am not doing taper period!

Yes I know I’m supposed to be tapering. But as a fitness student learning in a gym and trying to get new clients I cannot. A P/T cannot cancel on their clients just because they run a marathon. Many of the P/Ts in my gym run races but they don’t quit on their customers.

In our world, customers are everything. Most people just want to lose the weight. So we have to try and do everything we can (even its outside the box) to attracts customers.

So I am eating more proteins and bars to compensate for this. And other things too.

And yes I am more fiber in my diet.

Friends of the Earth cafe

I have been here a few times and enjoy their organic foods. This cafe is located along Smith st.

Here they are run by volunteers.

The food is seasonal meaning that you’ll get the best quality for food and your health. Here they have cheap food and drinks. My tea was only $4. I ran to this store from the city.

They cater for a vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free diet.

Here they use everything that is biodegradable. This is great for the environment. And they don’t waste anything. Here the meals change each day and so does the bread,

You can use your own jar for filling up the goods. The goods on offer are teas barley, nuts, oats etc.

The other day the volunteer gave me free cake. It was at the end of the day that I went and I had my usual tea and muesli slice. The cake was homemade by a company called Crumbs bakery and it was yummy. It was not too sweet and it was gluten-free

The muesli slice as a takeaway was quite nice too. It was nutty and had the right amount of good fats in there. Which is what women need.

Do come by to Friends of the Earth Cafe

Find it at: 312 Smith Street, Collingwood, Melbourne

MyProtein review

MyProtein is a UK based company which had just started. They are looking for ambassadors to promote their product. I found out about them through the Running heroes site and got a massive 35% discount. Because I ordered on the 21st of August this year I got another 35% ticket for the next order seeing as it was their birthday.

They don’t deliver to PO boxes or Parcel lockers as I painfully found out. But they delivered to my work address and luckily work was kind enough to not send it back. I am not home much. That’s a shame for people that are always on the go.

I got the student pack seeing as I am studying. It normally is $86.66 and there is a $14 postage fee to Australia. It contains 12 protein brownies, protein powder, shaker bottle, pre-workout fuel and BCAA tablets. The BCAA tablets don’t do a lot for me but they are an amino acid. I found that I worked out much better after I consumed three tablets per day.

The brownie was very chocolate like and very decadent. It has 13.5 grams of protein so this is good for a small snack.


I like the pre-workout drink. It was blueberry flavor.It mixed well in my new shaker. You only need one scoop of that stuff in there. It was not too sweet after drinking it left a little tingling sensation in my skin.


The protein powder is ok.  The protein powder is 1kg and it has about 40 serves. On its own, it does not fill me up but with milk it is great! It is chocolate flavour.


Do buy the products online and you can do so here.

Olivia Springs cafe

This is a down to earth cafe in Moonee Ponds. And it is pretty rare to find a health food cafe here. They had been open for three months now.

Here they serve breakfast and lunch as well as Vietnamese classics. All without meat of course, but instead mock meat. They have BLT with mock meat. And because it is a vegetarian place there are no egg dishes.

The music is calming and relaxing- it is just like what I hear during a meditation class.

The service was friendly and down to earth. But a bit slow. And there are no toilets here- you have to go across the road to the bus terminal where they are.

Since everything is cheap, they are a cash only place. All the food is under $15 and they make their own sweets.

Seeing as I’m trying a high fiber diet and am on the Sugar-free September, I went for a homemade orange juice and scrambled tofu on toast with avocado. Fans of Here’s the veg will like this place. The Annoyed thyroid will also like this joint as it is right up their alleyway.

The juice was freshly squeezed and was not too sweet.

The scrambled tofu with turmeric was a little bit spicy but I enjoyed the spicy kick. I made a mess of it- I’m sorry.  Fans of Consider the Sauce will love this dish. The bread was from Bakers delight across the road.

At least this place fares better than the place next door which I have to say looks a little bit old and outdated. Oh, and they sell junk food which I’m not a fan of.

Where they are at: 637 Mt Alexander Road, Moonee Ponds