Week 48 of the marathon

Had some hormonal issues this week. Began ovulating to only have a sharp dull pain and some vomiting. Hence I ran the 10kms but ran slow and didn’t do it as well as I liked. Also, there were train replacement buses for most of the week hence I had to finish early in order not to miss one.

I didn’t do so well in today’s cross training either.

Went to Grill’d at Southern Cross and found out that Grill’d had so far given away over 700 burgers to the homeless people. That’s great so far! They need to meet their 1900 free burger target.



And then on Wednesday I did much better and managed to burn 426 calories on the bike.

Friday I was feeling a bit pmsy and I vomited water in the morning. I somehow have this theory that every time I run I get a little bit queasy in the stomach. I wonder why?

Then during cycle class, I felt so hungry. It’s so weird that I did even though I had enough the past couple of days. But then again I vomited. I only burnt 320 calories that day.  I also did well in today’s half-hour cross training.

And then Mexican for dinner. Yum.

And then on Sunday had my long run and it went ok. Didn’t sleep very well the night before due to a party taking place right behind my house until 4am and these people did not have the audacity to tell us.

It was a very windy Sunday where it was really difficult to run in some places, ie Point Ormond.  The run started in Maribynong park and it took us past Haymarket, city, St Kilda Road, St Kilda, Point Ormond, Albert Park Lake and then to Southern cross via the city.

I tried Endura Gel and I did not have a burning stomach or other stomach problems.

Was really hungry in the morning due to the luteal phase and all night no sleep.  During the Luteal Phase, I need more carbs. Hence I did not run so well in the morning. I ran much better after lunch. I was much stronger then but by then the wind picked up.

Afterwards, I went to the Royal Melbourne Show and tried Gin from Bass Distillery. I bought two showbags which weighed about 6kgs altogether and lugged it home with no problem. It must have been all the training that I have been doing at the gym with the weights, hence I could cope.

Went to Lentils for lunch and all was good. I tried carbo loading and it was ok.


How do you cope with noisy neighbors?


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