Week 47 of the Marathon

This week started really slow as I just had my period and lost a fair amount of blood and 1.6 kg of muscle. I usually lose muscle when I have my period.  Hence my run did not go so well. I also lose a bit of water when I vomit during my period.

Have been playing with my new Garmin watch to find that it can do intervals which is cool.

Had to take a painkiller for the awful cramps that I get with my period.

Then Wednesday I seemed to pimp up my run a bit and was a bit more energized to burn 367 calories on the bike. But then threw up due to the loss of iron. Ran around Brunswick st and it was sunny.

Then Friday was ok. Not as great as I would have liked. On the bike I burnt 312 calories. Then going outside for a run was not too bad. I felt strong in the legs.

Sunday’s long run of 39.5km was ok and was the longest run. But it was marred by slow walks due to the fact that I have not eaten much this week due to period. And no money (half true).

We started at Maribyrnong park and then ended up at Southern Cross. Went there twice. The trail took us past Maribynong park, Maribyrnong road, Mt Alexander Rd, Haymarket, city, St Kilda Road, Albert park, Point Ormond, Beaconsfield Parade, Fitzroy st and then back into the city. Tried Albert Park Lake and it was windy but sunny.  Elevation gain was 80 ft which is not bad.

When we got to the start of St Kilda road it was slow due to Connor’s run event which took place in the Alexandra Gardens. Many people and balloons were there and I was overwhelmed but not scared.

Tried Winners bars today and it was not too bad. The SIS go energy drink was nice and it gave me the bolt that I needed.

Lunch was at Lentils and this time I had the curry which was nice. At least I did not barf up the curry which is awesome.

My highest heart rate to date is 173 rpm.

Then dinner was at Bay City burrito in Hawthorn followed by the last 2km walk from Flinders st to Southern Cross station.




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