Fair food challenge

This year Melbourne Uni has invited me to take on this fair food challenge.

Every year many businesses waste food and packaging. Food that could have gone to the homeless people. Each day OzHarvest rescues a fair amount of surplus food that businesses throw out and then they give all that food to charity. Because of the cost of food many people are forced to go without.


Packaging on food costs a lot of money and many businesses use too much in order to promote their services. It’s also a huge waste of environmental resources as it takes a lot to get rid of trees. Think about all the carbon dioxide in the world and how much pollution comes from the factories.

But more and more cafes are encouraging people to use their keep cups by offering a discount. I always have my coffee and food inside the restaurant not outside. As such it helps to cut down on the waste.

Woolies and Coles are encouraging people to bring their own bags in by charging extra for plastic. For a start, I started bringing my own reusable bag or my big backpack to put things in. Sometimes I don’t plan my shopping ahead and that’s when I’ll need a plastic bag. Or if I forget to bring one for my umbrella then I’ll need.


I have a veggie patch at home and I regularly go out and get the kale from it. Or the mandarins from there. Kale at the supermarket can be expensive and sometimes bland.

Do this challenge and you’ll support the need for a better lifestyle for everyone. Oh and its free to do.


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