Why alcohol should be limited on flights

There has been a lot of debate on why alcohol should be limited on flights. We are here to talk about this issue as it has been a problem for some people.


This is what a standard glass looks like compared to the huge bottle


Australia has responsible service of alcohol laws to stop people from being drunk in a public place. Well a plane is no different.

It is clear that a standard small glass is about 20-200 calories depending on what you drink. Most of the time alcohol is dehydrating.

Earlier that year there were many instances where people abuse alcohol. Many people drink before their flight having to sit in the lounge or the airport waiting for their flight. In the First and Business class lounges there is alcohol being served and people just help themselves. There is no bar attendant there to pour the drinks. In Business and first class, alcohol is served as a welcome drink and then during their meals. Some of the flights are red eye.

On some flights there is the Business bar where people drink.

When people drink too much they can be violent or have slurred speech. Hence all the arrests on board (and fights).

If you do want alcohol or know that there will be some, my recommendation is to drink about four litres of water. If you don’t like water bring some Hydralite solution, tea or Instant herbal beverage in which you can buy from us or Shape up.

Alcohol should be banned on flights before 10am or some red-eye flights. The sale should be banned at small airports. As for the larger airports which has a First or Business class lounge there should be an attendant to pour the wine and decide whether or not visitors should have any.


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