Eat your fruit and vegetables by Akira

As a runner we need to eat our fruits and vegetables for our health. But where do we find them for cheap?


Eating your fruit and vegetables every day is important and it is easy to incorporate them into your meals. In Melbourne we have many markets in which you can shop for produce and produce is as little as $0.99 at the Queen Victoria Market. Melbourne Uni has their farmers markets every Wednesday from 10:30am-2:30pm. They sell lots of fresh fruit and veg and some of the traders might be happy to show you how to cook with them.

If you like a lot of convenience, the universities will have some sort of food co-op or organic shop which sells meals made with lots of veggie love. These are your convenience dahl and lentil curries, pies and salads. Usually there is a free fruit day at uni just for convenience. Just ask your Student union as to when they are holding theirs.

The supermarkets are more on the expensive end. But there are Asian shops everywhere you turn and you’ll find your fruit and vegetables.


If you like cheap meals then do give Lentils as Anything a go as they have lots of vegetarian dishes that will fill you up on the cheap.


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